22 thoughts on “CBC Analysis: A Clash of Kings

  1. Evan says:

    Any idea when the prologue will be up?

  2. Winnie says:

    Really looking forward to Sansa and Tyrion.

    I also think Theon will be a lot of fun, and am eagerly waiting your dissection of Cat’s decision to release Jaime Lannister. (OT but one thing that bugs me is that *she* never admits to herself in ASOS what a mistake that was even after hearing about Sansa being made to marry Tyrion-when *Robb* then thinks he might have made a mistake not trading Sansa for Jaime to marry her to Willas. Also she never comes to terms with LF’s betrayal.)

    But Sansa and Tyrion’s chapters for BoB and the aftermath are the ones I am literally DROOLING for…

  3. Damn, I caught up to you in my re-read…
    This has been fascinating, hope you continue. I just hope Winds of Winter comes out before you catch up to GRRM. That, and that he doesn’t pull a Robert Jordan…

    • Don’t forget, I also have to go through and do a full analysis of World of Ice and Fire.

      • Ah, there is that… I had forgotten, although I pre-ordered it. Well, I will look forward to the next several chapters, there’s some meaty stuff coming up, with the Hornwood crisis and Tyrion’s Canary Trap..

      • Winnie says:

        Personally I’m just hoping you get through to the end of ASOS before 2018.

          • Winnie says:

            Yeah, also two things I look forward to in AFFC are your breakdown of Cersei’s chapters, and the events on Pike. I’m especially curious for your take on Asha though, I imagine we’ll get some more of that in Theon V.

            And of course by then we’ll know who the YMBQ is or the significance of Sansa’s time in the Vale, if not from Martin then from the show.

            And how much truth there is to Genna’s assertion that Tyrion is Tywin’s son-and that’s what she fears the most for House Lannister…

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  5. Winnie says:

    Am eagerly anticipating Theon II. These chapter analyses are the only things that make the break between show seasons bearable!

  6. […] he’s on A Storm of Swords, but I only just finished his examination of Catelyn VII in A Clash of Kings.  In the analysis he speaks of how Lady Stark’s story (and many others) plays out like a Greek […]

  7. Sergio Rodriguez-Apolinar says:

    Waiting for the Kindle version!!! I already read the book for AGOT

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