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Hey folks,

Since it’s been a while since my last update, I thought I might as well pen a quick update about Race for the Iron Throne:

  • Laboratory of Politics, Part V is done! This behemoth of an essay, some 7,500 words, is the main reason why updates kind of stalled out for a bit there. However, now that it’s done, regular chapter analyses can resume. More importantly, once Laboratory of Politics Part VI is done, the manuscript for my second book, an actual printed and bound volume of my thematic essays (also available in e-book format for those who prefer that), will be complete! Look for news about that book in 2015!
  • A Clash of Kings Chapter Analyses: I have the next four chapters, from Catelyn II to Tyrion VI, analyzed and outlined. This puts me well over the one-third mark through the overall book. The next step is to start writing these up and to start outlining the next four chapters, and get back into the swing of regular chapter updates. My goal is to be over the halfway mark by April, which would be the one-year anniversary of starting into ACOK. Also, look for exciting news about Race for the Iron Throne, Volume II – my third book – in 2015!
  • Hymn for Spring: obviously the June date slipped due to unforeseeable circumstances, but this project is very much on the verge of readiness and I hope to make a new announcement soon. I am incredibly excited and more than a little bit impatient for this book to come out, so that I can finally start linking my essays in it in arguments about a certain Master of Coin.
  • Podcasts: this one is the most egregious slippage. I moved across country, got two jobs, did a whole bunch of submitting of academic manuscripts and applications for jobs, and all of the regular Race for the Iron Throne stuff. And the podcasts fell out of the mix completely. However, the last two episodes for Season 1 were recorded and are awaiting editing. And tentatively, SEK and I will begin recording Season 2 in the New Year, and should have plenty of time to finish that before Season 5 begins in April 2015.

Thanks for your patience and your support, and have a very happy holidays!


23 thoughts on “Progress Update

  1. Winnie says:

    Thanks for posting this Steve. I must admit I was getting a little anxious to when I’d get your next chapter summary. Good to know we’ve got a bunch coming, since I was hoping you could at least start on ASOS before Season 6 began to air.

    Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

    • Winnie says:

      BTW, what is Hymn for Spring?!?

      • Hymn for Spring is the second Tower of the Hand edited volume. Flight of Sorrows was the first volume.

        Hymn for Spring will have two essays from myself, as well as essays from Stefan Sasse, Mimi and Amin from Podcast of Ice and Fire, Jeff Hartline/BryndenBFish, and a bunch of the Tower of the Hand people.

    • Likewise!

      Yeah, I estimate that I’ll be done with ACOK by the end of 2015, which means I should be 20% through ASOS by the start of Season 6.

      • Winnie says:

        At that rate you could be starting on A Feast for Crows by season seven.

        Cersei’s chapters should be fun…

        • ASOS will be the longest – 82 essays, including the Prologue and the Epilogue.

          AFFC will be the shortest – only 46 essays, including the Prologue.

          ADWD will be roughly the same as AGOT in terms of how long it takes me to finish it.

          • Winnie says:

            Yeah but Feast and Dance both contain a LOT of filler that you can gloss over.

            Don’t know if you’ll ever get the chance to do Winds and that might slow down your what if sections if you don’t know exactly how Martin was planning to have events unfold and can only rely on the show since they are clearly skipping some sub-plots altogether.

          • There is some filler in AFFC, mostly travelling stuff, but Dance has a lot of fascinating stuff in it. Underrated book.

            I’m pretty sure TWOW comes out in 2015, 2016 by the latest, so I’m not worried about that. I’m more worried about Book vs. Show sections turning into “they cut this” over and over.

          • Lann says:

            It think the Reek section would be particularly interesting from the political point of view.

  2. Abbey Battle says:

    Maester Steven, I am very eager to see your new articles and even more happy to hear that they are not merely forthcoming but very close to being posted!

    I hope that you stay well and that your Muse continues to pay regular visits.

  3. A further update: Laboratory of Politics Part V will be up on Tower of the Hand on Monday.

  4. Good to hear; I actually kind of like the slow pace (not an insult) of the chapter analyses. I wouldn’t want you to finish those up before TWOW comes out. And that seems like something we need a vegas style gambling line on, which happens first Race for the Iron Thrones chapter analyses are completed or TWOW is released?

  5. Son of Fire says:

    Save the 2 s1 podcast breakdowns for the stupid bank holiday(or what ever there called in da USA) between s5 ep7 & ep8,T’will help with the withdrawal’s….if possible & thank you!!!

  6. MightyIsobel says:

    Thanks for the update, and have a very happy holiday!

  7. Dave says:

    Hi Steven, don’t sweat it about updating regularly; your excellent essays are always worth the wait. Just concentrate on having a fantastic festive season!

  8. Thanks for the notice Steve, have a happy holiday and looking forward reading more of your stuff.

  9. Winnief says:

    Massively OT, but I particularly enjoyed the Krugman column today-and thought it does get back to some of ASOIAF themes about how military belligerence and sheer thuggishness actually *aren’t* the most effective tactics for a nation-state.

    The point that conquest is for losers is something the Iron Born especially could stand to learn.

    Also, I keep hearing from people who wish the whole White Walker subplot would go away and that we could just see the game play out without them. I think that’s deeply misguided because there is a realism angle to the WW storyline-not the Walkers themselves but what they represent namely the fact that every once in a while in history some kind of greater sweeping force for change inevitably knocks the whole game table over.

    Whether its changes in technology and weaponry, (which are the dragons,) a pandemic, natural disasters, the Industrial Revolution, or some environmental crisis, (aka Global Warming is the best analogy,) sometimes the old games and politics just don’t apply-and what’s remarkable is time and time again how blind the players of the time are to the tsunami headed their way. Missing out on that angle is being blind to the point of the series in a sense too. The politics of the series are still relevant in the sense that they distract everyone from the problem up North, and weaken the Realm, but the WW question is inevitably going to start to crouch in on the Game as well. Hell it already has, thanks to Stannis’s going to the Wall which surprised everybody. I think we’re going to see a LOT more of that sort of thing in the future.

    Anyway just stopped by to blab a bit. Enjoy your holiday Steve!

  10. Julian says:

    Read the essay (essosay?) and loved it–even better than usual. Thank you again!

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