6 thoughts on “Season 1 Video Podcasts

  1. Son of Fire says:

    I know your a very busy bee but is there a eta on baelor?
    if its 12weeks before s5 premiere then thats perfectly fine 🙂

  2. Just checking in after your update post. Any ETA on the two final episodes of season 1 to be edited and released?

    • Still waiting on Scott for that.

      • Thanks.

        While I’ve been a fan of ASOIAF for a while now, I am a late comer to asoiaf metas and podcasts. Race for the Iron Throne quickly became my favorite site to read about the book series, but I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even realize you had a podcast until I heard it mentioned on the Boiled Leather cast.

        Unfortunately, I quickly listened to all the episodes (my job is very podcast friendly, so I get a good 8 hours of listening time a day.) and found myself in the same position as I was before; anxiously waiting for the next book and the next season, trolling around for any podcast I somehow missed, trying to figure out which casts I liked enough to listen to again, and similarly trying to figure out which casts I did not like are worth giving another chance.

        Anyway, love the cast (one of my top 3 or 4 asoiaf podcasts) and the site (hands down, my favorite asoiaf site). Thanks so much for all the content.

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