CBC Analysis

A Game Of Thrones: 72/72 complete

A Clash Of Kings: 69/69 complete

A Storm Of Swords: 58/81 complete

A Feast For Crows: 0/45 complete

A Dance With Dragons: 0/72 complete

The Winds Of Winter: 0/X complete

A Dream Of Spring: 0/X complete

The World of Ice and Fire: 7/7 complete

Fire and Blood, Volume I:

15 thoughts on “CBC Analysis

  1. Andrew says:

    Hey Steven. Can I ask your opinion on something? One pster argues that when it comes to Dany vs, Aegon. Dany won’t get an army and dragons won’t be a factor or effective.

    I argued that the realm didn’t know Aegon existed until recently, and Dany putting it out that he is a Blackfyre, combined with Aegon wielding Blackfyre and leading the GC, would leadd to some lords having doubts.

    Also, along with being dragons being the ultimate weapons, they have had strong associations with the Targaryen monarchy since Aegon I and were used to unit the 7K (except Dorne). Besides, there are no foolproof methods of killing dragons.

    What would you say?

    • Here’s what I think is going to happen – I think Dany’s vision from the House of the Undying suggest Aegon is going to be very popular, very quickly. I think he takes Storm’s End, I think he allies with the Martells, and I think he beats the Tyrells and crowns himself. Then Dany shows up with her army and her dragons – and I think he offers to share the Throne, and she says no. By this point she’s not playing nice, she’s not sharing power with anyone, it’s destiny time.

      At that point, it’s the Golden Company vs. the Unsullied as dragons dance in the sky. And then Aegon dies. Probably with Jon Connington and Varys watching.

      • Andrew says:

        I think Aegon will become popular, but I don’t think Aegon will offer to share the IT if he is married to Arianne. He will demand homage from Dany as his king.

        My question was the potential of dragons in gathering support for Dany. The poster argues her dragons won’t be all that effective.

        • I don’t think so – I think Aegon will try exactly what Tyrion advised. However, I don’t think Dany will be in a sharing mood.

          As for the potential of dragons to gather support, I don’t think the conflict between them will last long enough for political allegiances to matter.

          • Andrew says:

            Arianne may likely advise against that who will be Aegon’s queen. She would marry Aegon, with a large part being her internal rivalry with Quentyn, to one up Quentyn so she will be queen and not him king.I think Arianne would serve to drive a wedge between Aegon and Connington, and more largely Aegon and the Golden Company. Connington may advise caution in dealing with Tyrion, saying the guy is no idiot, compared to Arianne, who will likely make the Sand Snakes her advisers who are anything but cautious.

            Tyrion advised it in power sharing as Dany as Aegon’s queen. Dany likely won’t share because she knows Aegon is a fake by the time she lands. I think the conflict will last some time with it going back and forth. Dany will gather some lords to her side. She can’t win without them. GRRM may give the conflict a level of uncertainty as to who will win until it reaches a turning point.

            Tyrion is itching to pay his debt back to Lysa, and may likely have Dany land in the Vale since they have stayed out of the war and are still at full strength. Dany may get the riverlords as well since to get to Aegon she would have to go through the riverlands. If the Blackfish joins them, it will be if they meet his price: Riverrun and dominion over the Trident restored to Edmure and justice for the RW.

          • Iñigo says:

            If Arianne tells Aegon that Quentyn is marrying Dany, what do you think Aegon will do?

          • Dan says:

            Maybe Aegon will be revealed as a fake, and then JonCon kills him for pretending to be his best friend’s / crush’s son? I think that may be a possibility, as JonCon only supports the boy because of his father. That would leave the way open for Dany to be the queen to be sacrificed as Nissa Nissa so that Jon Snow can become Azor Ahai.

      • Winnie says:

        Agreed. Dany actually *has* an army of Unsullied, and will soon have the IB ships too. But I think that Arianne will at least *try* to get Aegon to marry her, even if that wasn’t in Varys’s plans…and Arianne can be quite persuasive.

        Personally I gotta wonder what the hell Varys plans on doing about Dany and the dragons…he had to realize once he’d heard about them, how much that changed the whole game…

        BTW, I think Varys might find Aegon a bit disappointing when he actually meets the kid…

  2. kevin beeler says:

    Hi Steven,

    I am a high school student currently enrolled in AP Language and Composition, I am conducting my final paper on the politics and history behind The Song of Ice and fire books. And I was wondering if you had any pointer or sources that you would recommend.

    Thank you for your time,
    Kevin Beeler

  3. Shane Lamora says:

    When you get to Feast and Dance, will you analyze them in the order they were published, or follow a combined reading such as A Feast with Dragons?

  4. Zachary Andrew says:

    Steven – Davos IV in ASOS is missing from the chapter analysis. It sounds like this was a good one so I’m eager to check it out!

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