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  • Buy anything else you’re interested in at with this handy affiliate link. It doesn’t cost you a penny more, but the blog gets a small percentage of your order, which helps me devote my time just to writing this blog.

14 thoughts on “Support Race for the Iron Throne!

  1. John W says:

    Where are the links to Amazon?

  2. Hi Steven, we’d like to buy your book but Amazon won’t let me buy it since we live in Asia. is there another way?

  3. Angelika C. Fieseler says:

    So I have now supported you,This will keep me obsessed till The Winds of Winter come out…not a big series watcher Thanks

  4. apolotresse says:

    Hi! When can we expect a Kindle version of RFTIT: A Clash of Kings?? I just finished RFTIT AGOT :D. I know the Chapter Analyses are on this blog, but the Kindle version is much more convenient. Thanks.

  5. mellonne says:

    Are you going to finish your Political and Historical Analysis of A Storm of Swords? I actually lead a GOT book group in Colorado and use your writings as a helpful source. We are on ASOS now and coming soon to the end of your analyses. Thanks!

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