Hollow Crowns and Deadly Thrones

Part I – The Constitution of Westeros

Part II – The Early Monarchs, From Aegon the Conqueror to the End of Dragons

Part III – Conciliarism and the Monarchy in Crisis

Part IV – Two Brothers, Two Visions of Monarchy

Part V – Joffrey vs. Aegon, the “Prepared Princes”

12 thoughts on “Hollow Crowns and Deadly Thrones

  1. S! says:

    The link to part to actually sends me to part one. I managed to find part two on Tower of the Hand, but I figure you might want to fix this problem. THANKS!

  2. Andrew says:

    Can’t wait for the last one. Joffrey’s problem apart from being an obvious psychopath, was that he raised by Cersei to be a younger, male version of herself.

    Aegon’s problem is that being raised on a poleboat hurt him more than it helped him. He has never been to court to observe politics and intrigues, not so much as sat at a lord’s council to observe. The result of being raised on a poleboat is that he has no political or military experience. He is impatient, arrogant and lacking in caution. Lack of patience is what led to Jaime’s capture and the annihilation of his army, and lack of caution by Imry Florent is what led to much of Stannis’s fleet being caught (or rather incinerated) in Tyrion’s trap. It seems Connington didn’t teach Aegon much about strategy likely because he expected to redeem himself by doing all the hard work for Rhaegar’s son. Aegon is also shown to be, as well as politically inexperienced, immature or “half a boy” as described by Tyrion; making him prey to more experienced political actors like Arianne, who may and likely will seduce him. I think his maturation may have been stunted by everyone around him treating him like a child, given his importance.

  3. Connor says:

    Any idea when the last essay will be up? I absolutely love them!

  4. Abbey Battle says:

    I apologise for bothering you Maester Steven, but the link to Part II keeps leading to Part I instead!

  5. Abbey Battle says:

    Thank you very kindly for your time and patience, as ever.

  6. […] Hollow Crowns and Deadly Thrones […]

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