RTFIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

Hey folks! So unfortunately, the exciting book announcement isn’t quite ready, but the progress reports I’m getting indicate that it’s very close. In the mean-time, since those of us on the East Coast of the U.S are somewhat snowbound, here’s some tumblrs:


Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis: Catelyn III, ASOS


Outside the thunder crashed and boomed, so loud it sounded as if the castle were coming down about their ears. Is this the sound of a kingdom falling?”

Synopsis: Rickard Karstark commits suicide in an extremely elaborate fashion.

SPOILER WARNING: This chapter analysis, and all following, will contain spoilers for all Song of Ice and Fire novels and Game of Thrones episodes. Caveat lector.

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RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

Hey folks! Now that Politics of Dorne (and with it, the entire Politics of the Seven Kingdom series) is done, it’s back to ASOS (which I know will make some of you very happy indeed). Also, I should have an exciting book-related announcement in a day or two.

In the mean-time, we’ve got Tumblrs:



Politics of the Seven Kingdoms: Dorne (Part III)

Dorne map

credit to ser Other-in-law

Politics of Dorne Part III

With the arrival of Aegon I Targaryen to the Westerosi mainland, we get the most detailed section of Dornish history, with extensive coverage both in the Dorne chapter and the various chapters of the roll of Targaryen monarchs and their foreign policy towards the only foreign kingdom on their content. All the same there are some frustrating silences in the record that leave major questions about Dornish political culture.

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RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

Hey folks! I’ve finished teaching for the semester, which means I’ve got a week and a bit clear to do some writing before final papers come in to be graded. So with any luck I should be able to finish Politics of Dorne Part III (currently at 1,000 words) and the next ASOS chapter before then.

In the mean-time, we’ve got some stuff on the Tumblrs:



And now in Non-ASOIAF News: Guest Appearance on Graphic Policy Radio

Hey folks, I’m talking live about the history of Marvel Comics over at Graphic Policy Radio!

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RFTIT Tumblr Weeklish Roundup

Hey folks! Thanks for putting up with my long delay on finishing up Part III of the Life of the High Spider (which still has some errors that’ll need to be fixed when I combine all three parts into one document). I’ve already started work on the last part of the Politics of Dorne,  but it’ll be a while in coming because I have a lot of grading to do in the next week.

In the meantime, I’ve got a lot of great stuff on the Tumblr:



In Non-ASOIAF News…a Primer on Unions for Season 2 of the Wire

So a while back, I offered my expertise as a labor scholar and former labor activist to my friend Natasha of Unspoiled! as she was going through Season 2 of the Wire, and wrote up a primer document explaining the various references to unions and labor law for that season. When the season was complete, we posted a Dropbox link so that people listening to the podcast could read along. Unfortunately, the Dropbox link seems to have failed, so I decided to host the document here as well so that people can access it if they’d like.

RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

Hey folks! With the behemoth of Tyrion III out of the way, work has begun on the High Spider Part III and Politics of Dorne Part III. When the latter is done, that’ll mark the end of that particular Kickstarter essay series (definitely the longest non-chapter essay series I’ve done so far), which means there will be some space in my rotation. So after the Politics of the Seven Kingdoms series is finished, I’ll be doing a one-off on elections in Westeros and then my next series will be analyzing the Dunk & Egg series through the lens of the Blackfyre Rebellions.

But in the mean-time, there’s some good stuff in the Tumblrs:

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