Race for the Iron Throne E-Book Update is LIVE!

As of now, “Race for the Iron Throne: History and Politics of A Game of Thrones,” Version 2.0 has gone live on! If you’ve already purchased your copy, thank you very much – download your updated copy by going to your account and going to “Manage Your Kindle” to update your copy, and syncing your e-reader once you’ve done that. Do tell your friends, leave an review on the Amazon page, it helps a lot – big shout-out to the folks who’ve left reviews already, it’s been amazing.

If you haven’t yet bought the book, now is the perfect time to get yourself the snazzy new version.




Here’s what’s included in Version 2.0:

  • A brand-new cover with custom photography, as opposed to the old cover which was a copy of “It Is Known”‘s cover.
  • A brand-new Introduction from Yours Truly, to help out the newcomers navigate the text.
  • A fully-remastered main text, with working internal hyperlinks that replicate the blog’s functionality in linking together arguments and themes developed over dozens of chapters.
  • And, as promised, a bonus section containing:
    • From the Blue Buddha Archives,” an extensive sample from editor Marc Kleinhenz’s It is Known, covering A Clash of Kings and the first season of Game of Thrones
    • “Blue Buddha Daibutsu: “Night Falls and Lights Rise,””  a never-before-published fantasy short story incorporating magic, the divine, and the meaning of life… and death, written by Remy J. Verhoeve, of Is Winter Coming? and Tower of the Hand fame.
    • Blue Buddha Gaiden: “Why Do We Fall, Bruce? To Write Horribly Cheesy Dialogue, Part III,”” – an exclusive essay critiquing Man of Steel as a film and examining it as a burgeoning (cinematic) world-builder, written by editor Marc Kleinhenz.
    • And leaving the best for last, a Blue Buddha Sneak Peek of Hymn for Spring, the hotly-anticipated followup to Tower of the Hand’s excellent edited volume of essays A Flight of Sorrows (highly recommended by yours truly). including an update on which authors will be included in the upcoming Volume 2, a Q&A with some of the new authors, and a sample from the book – which will be landing September 29th, featuring two essays from Yours Truly.

I hope you’ll be pleased with the extra work that’s been put into making Version 2.0 bigger and better than before!



Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis: ACOK, Arya I


“By the time Yoren pulled her off him, Hot Pie was sprawled out on the ground, with his breeches brown and smelly, crying as Arya whapped him over and over and over.”

Synopsis: as we meet Gendry, WTF is a Lommy, and Hot Pie and the rest of the crew of the HMS Night’s Watch Convoy, Arya proves she’s the toughest in the prison yard by beating the shit out of Hot Pie.

SPOILER WARNING: This chapter analysis, and all following, will contain spoilers for all Song of Ice and Fire novels and Game of Thrones episodes. Caveat lector.

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Video Podcast of Game of Thrones, Season 4 Episode 3, “Breaker of Chains”

An early morning discussion of what is likely to be one of the more controversial episodes this season…

Check it out!

Quick Analysis of New World of Ice and Fire Excerpt!

GRRM is being very giving lately, so we’ve got a brand-new excerpt below the cut. So, spoilery analysis below the cut, and here’s hoping the World of Ice and Fire book didn’t totally invalidate my Hollow Crowns essay on Aegon.


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AMA is Live!




Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis: ACOK, Prologue

“Many called her beautiful. She was not beautiful. She was red, and terrible, and red.”

SynopsisMaester Cressen observes the comet in the sky, discusses its meaning with Shireen and Patchface, hears from Davos Seaworth that the Stormlords will not support Stannis, quarrels with SelyseMelisandre, and Stannis over political and military strategy, and then takes the ultimate risk in an attempt to rid the world of “the red woman.”

SPOILER WARNING: This chapter analysis, and all following, will contain spoilers for all Song of Ice and Fire novels and Game of Thrones episodes. Caveat lector.

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Race for the Iron Throne on! Madness of Thrones, Round 4

The Madness reaches new heights as we reach the Final Four:

Check it out!

And as per usual, if you haven’t yet bought the Race for the Iron Throne e-bookhere’s a link.

We are go for AMA!


See you there on 4/16, 9 AM Pacific Time!


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