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RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup


Hey folks, I hate to do two of these in a row, but I didn’t want to leave you with no content this week. Tyrion I of ASOS is well under way, with four pages roughed out, and Politics of the Seven Kingdoms Part II is almost done, but neither are ready yet.

For the moment, we’ve got Tumblrs:

RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup


Hello folks! Arya I is done and dusted, Politics of the Seven Kingdoms Part II is getting close to being finished, so that means it’s time for some Tumblrs:

Have a nice weekend!

Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis: Arya I, ASOS


“Do you know where we’re going?” Gendry asked her.

“North,” said Arya.

Hot Pie peered around uncertainly. “Which way is north?”

Synopsis: Arya and Gendry and Hot Pie try to make good on their escape from Harrenhal. It is more difficult than initially expected.

SPOILER WARNING: This chapter analysis, and all following, will contain spoilers for all Song of Ice and Fire novels and Game of Thrones episodes. Caveat lector.

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RFTIT Tumblr Roundup, Nameday Edition

So it’s a bit early for a Tumblr roundup, but hey, it’s my name day, and I make the rules anyway, so let’s go ahead and take a look at what we’ve got:

RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup


Hey folks! Work on Politics of the Seven Kingdoms, Part II (The North) continues – currently up to 16,000 words and I’m finally into Theon the Hungry Wolf who has to be on the list of the top five most important Stark Kings – but in the meantime, here’s some Tumblering:

Guest Post at Tower of the Hand: Politics of the Seven Kingdoms, Part I

The Doom of Valyria

by HotbrownDoubleDouble

During the Kickstarter, I unveiled a number of bonus essay series that would unlock at different levels of support, and since the crowdfunding was concluded, I’ve been hard at work on those bonus essays, so that I can have them ready for the forthcoming publication of Race for the Iron Throne: Volume 2.

Today, I’m happy to announce that the first of those essays is up on Tower of the Hand. (The second one, covering the internal politics of the North, is currently 12,00 words long and I can’t wait to get that out to you, but it’s not done yet…) In this initial foray into the series, I set forth how I’m going to tackle the internal politics of the different kingdoms of Westeros and the different factors that I think have shaped them.


RFTIT Tumblr Roundup, Vacation Edition

Hello from Shakespeare's Globe!

Hello from Shakespeare’s Globe!

Hey folks, I’m writing to you from London, where I’ve been kept very busy with trips to the sights (Trafalgar Square, the Houses of Parliament), the theater district of the West End, and various museums.

But in the mean-time, I’ve been able to answer some Tumblr questions, so here we go:

RFTIT Tumblr Roundup, Vacation Edition


Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a good start to the summer; I”m finally getting to enjoy myself, now that grading is over. After spending a week at Godolphin House (pictured above), the Cornwall estate of one Sidney Godolphin, early modern political wunderkind (came to power as one of the few of Charles II’s favorites who actually understood finance, backed James II to the hilt until the opportune moment, then helped engineer the Glorious Revolution of 1688 in exchange for being named First Lord of the Treasury, William Churchill’s right-hand-man in all kinds of diplomatic skullduggery, ended his life as Earl Godolphin), I am now in London, where I’ll be for the next two weeks.

In the mean time, let’s see what’s on the Tumblrs:


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