RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

Hey folks! So with Davos VI done, I’m taking a bit of time off to go on vacation for a week or so. To keep you company in the mean-time before I get back to the grind with Jon VIII, we’ve got some good stuff on the Tumblrs.



Patron Questions:

  • Was Aegon the Conqueror’s greatest mistake the invasion of Dorne, not incorporating the Riverlands into the Crownlands desmene, not turning over the social order of the Iron Islands, or something else entirely?
    • By order of magnitude, the invasion of Dorne.
  • Who do you think is the Blackfyre sympathizer among Rowan or Tarly? I’m inclined to think it will be both of them, and Tarly might quite literally stab Mace Tyrell in the back.
    • Probably Tarly.
  • Do you think Daenerys will go straight into war with fAegon once he takes the Iron Throne, or do you think something else will finally push it over, like him mounting Viserion instead of Rhaegal?
    • I think it’s inevitable once he takes the Iron Throne and offers to take her as his second wife.
  • What are your thoughts on the new Batman film?
    • I liked it, but I thought it was about the last “dark and gritty reboot” of Batman that I’m going to want to see for a while.
  • What are your thoughts on the thematic overlaps and character parallels between Elden Ring and ASOIF? I find it really interesting how GRRM reused character archetypes in extremely exaggerated forms, like how Morgott is in essence Stannis turned up to 11. Or how the Dung Eater comes off like what would happen if Ramsay and Euron did a fusion dance.
    • I haven’t really played or watched much Elden Ring, tbh, so I don’t know how much GRRM’s influence really affected the game.

2 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

  1. artihcus022 says:

    I’ve been bingeing ELDEN RING lore and walkthroughs (don’t have a rig and console at present, alas) and it’s really compelling stuff. Unlike the other From games, the figures have distinct personalities and, and come off as individualized characters moreso than previous From Games, so that’s the GRRM influence I think.

    In terms of ASOIAF parallels, I do think Radagon/Marika/Rennala is basically a riff of the Rhaegar/Lyanna/Elia story. Radagon was married to Rennala but then he abandoned her and their offspring to shack up with Marika the Eternal breaking Rennala’s heart. Of course there’s a second twist (not gonna spoil it here) that complicates that and that one to be honest I think is more Miyazaki than GRRM. Would love to see the original screenplay with GRRM drafts and so on, because it’s so odd for him to toss up a second dark fantasy world with backstory while in the middle of ASOIAF.

    ELDEN RING overall feels most like the Brienne chapters in AFFC. You are a Tarnished (which to be honest might come from Chandler describing Philip Marlowe as “tarnished knight” thereby fusing chivalry with film noir) on a quest but there’s no Egg alas (though I think Ranni and Melina are Egg-esque). The mood of the game is very close to AFFC with this fallen world where everything is ravaged and people are questioning their faith. The Roundtable feels like the BWB in that book, and Elden Ring’s tagline might well be “war makes monsters of us all”.

  2. Brett says:

    When I re-read the Red Wedding chapter of ASoS a while back, the ominous sense of doom was so intense it was almost nauseating. I think that’s what the chapter where fAegon meets Daenerys will be like – an intense sensation that conflict is about to erupt at any second, after a sequence of chapters where Daenerys will be riding high off of wiping out the slavers and slave lords in Slaver’s Bay and Volantis.

    So I agree that it will be inevitable by the time they have that chapter, although I do think the proximate cause that will tip things over will be when he claims Viserion rather than Rhaegal, which Daenerys’ camp will take as a sign of treachery.

    I suppose in fairness to the journeymen, there were a lot more of them than there ever were Guild Master spots in cities.

    I suspect there was a political project with the Highland Clearances as well. The highlanders were Catholic after lowland Scotland and England had gone protestant, and they’d been a bastion of support for Bonnie Prince Charlie in his uprising.

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