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RTFIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

Hey folks! So unfortunately, the exciting book announcement isn’t quite ready, but the progress reports I’m getting indicate that it’s very close. In the mean-time, since those of us on the East Coast of the U.S are somewhat snowbound, here’s some tumblrs:


RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

Hey folks! Now that Politics of Dorne (and with it, the entire Politics of the Seven Kingdom series) is done, it’s back to ASOS (which I know will make some of you very happy indeed). Also, I should have an exciting book-related announcement in a day or two.

In the mean-time, we’ve got Tumblrs:



RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

Hey folks! I’ve finished teaching for the semester, which means I’ve got a week and a bit clear to do some writing before final papers come in to be graded. So with any luck I should be able to finish Politics of Dorne Part III (currently at 1,000 words) and the next ASOS chapter before then.

In the mean-time, we’ve got some stuff on the Tumblrs:



RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

Hey folks! With the behemoth of Tyrion III out of the way, work has begun on the High Spider Part III and Politics of Dorne Part III. When the latter is done, that’ll mark the end of that particular Kickstarter essay series (definitely the longest non-chapter essay series I’ve done so far), which means there will be some space in my rotation. So after the Politics of the Seven Kingdoms series is finished, I’ll be doing a one-off on elections in Westeros and then my next series will be analyzing the Dunk & Egg series through the lens of the Blackfyre Rebellions.

But in the mean-time, there’s some good stuff in the Tumblrs:

RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

Hey folks: so the fixing of the physical manuscript for Volume II is almost done, and should be done by this Friday, and Volume I should be done the following Friday. And once that process is done, we will actually be off to the printers!

Tyrion III is up to 4300 words and Politics of Dorne Part II is up to three pages, so we’ll see how writing goes. In the mean-time I have a few things from the Tumblrs:

RFTIT Tumblr Weeklish Roundup

Hey folks! First bit of business: Marc my editor wanted to let you know that Amazon should have sent update emails to anyone with e-book copies of Volume I, so you should definitely go ahead and get that updated so you have the most up-to-date version. Also, work with the physical manuscript is proceeding, although some errant formatting on the website made a bunch of stuff all-caps so that has to be fixed.

On to matters of content. So I’ve put in the quotes to my outline for Tyrion III, and I have a feeling this is going to be a particularly long one, because this is the chapter where the new Small Council divvys up the goods from the War of Five Kings, where Tyrion and Cersei’s marriages are set up, and ultimately where we see the Red Wedding from the (Tywin) Lannister perspective. (I’ve also started writing Politics of Dorne Part II, so there’s plenty of content on the way.) In the mean-time, we’ve got Tumblrs:

The Headcanon Challenge: A Commentary on the True Life of the High Spider, Part II

A while back, JSLAL from Wars and Politics of ASOIAF got a really interesting question on Tumblr, asking him to come up with a character who could fill in some of the gaps in Westerosi history. I really liked his response, and so when I got the same question, I decided to see if I could do one better.

(Much thanks goes out to @hiddenhistoryofwesteros and @cynicalclassicist for their assistance in pre-reading and editing this document.)

Below the cut is part two of the life of the High Spider…

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