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My (Academic) Book is Done!

Page proofs and index are done, which means the book is now officially out of my hands and off on its way to the publisher and eventually to print. Which for you all means that I’ll have a lot more free time for ASOIAF writing very shortly.


RFTIT Weeklyish Tumblr Roundup (Part I)

Hey folks! Apologies about how long it’s taking to write Bran II – I’m currently up to 6700 words, but I’m slammed with IRL work – so in the mean-time I’ve got some Tumblrs. So much Tumblrs, it turns out, that I’ll probably need to do another this week.



Non-ASOIAF Content Corner

Hey folks! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve outlined Bran II and Davos III, two chapters I cannot wait to get to. In the meantime, I did want to share with you some stuff I’ve written over at Graphic Policy and Lawyers, Guns, and Money:

And now in Non-ASOIAF News: Guest Appearance on Graphic Policy Radio

Hey folks, I’m talking live about the history of Marvel Comics over at Graphic Policy Radio!

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In Non-ASOIAF News…a Primer on Unions for Season 2 of the Wire

So a while back, I offered my expertise as a labor scholar and former labor activist to my friend Natasha of Unspoiled! as she was going through Season 2 of the Wire, and wrote up a primer document explaining the various references to unions and labor law for that season. When the season was complete, we posted a Dropbox link so that people listening to the podcast could read along. Unfortunately, the Dropbox link seems to have failed, so I decided to host the document here as well so that people can access it if they’d like.

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