Guest Appearance on Bores, Gore, and Swords!

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After some vigorous Twitter DM debating, Ivan and Red from Boars, Gore, and Swords invited me on their podcast to talk about why they’re wrong about Robert’s Rebellion, what we think about fan theories as suggested by Twitter, and who we think will be alive at the end of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

You can check it out here!

10 thoughts on “Guest Appearance on Bores, Gore, and Swords!

  1. kaduzy says:

    Sorry but these guys are awful and I’d never listen to another one of their podcasts not featuring you. This entire podcast is just you explaining old theories to a couple of dumb noobs who really don’t know anything about the series other than what they saw on TV and only one of them is even contributing to the dialogue; the other one just laughs obnoxiously and makes asinine comments. The only intelligent thing he said the entire hour (really 45 minutes; I didn’t make it to the end) was a comment about Lovecraft’s real life racism. Glad you could set these morons straight but Christ, what a waste of your time.

    • Jim B says:

      I don’t want to list all my criticisms of these folks (who were kind enough to invite our host onto their show), but suffice it to say that I won’t be going back for more episodes either.

      But then, I have had a tough time finding any GoT podcasts that I enjoy. The ones I’ve tried have suffered from problems of either style (rambling hosts, lousy audio) or substance (where the supposed “book expert” is making basic errors).

      The Boiled Leather Audio Hour is quite good, but operates on a fairly irregular schedule. Anybody have any recommendations?

      • fjallstrom says:

        The unabashed booksnobbery podcast at fandomentals can be quite entertaining. About GoT from an ASOIAF perspective. Then again, I guess they will make fewer episodes now that GoT isn’t on television.

    • Rootboy says:

      They’re a comedy/TV recap podcast first, a GoT/Asoiaf podcast second, and they come at it all TV show first. Being confused about GoT is how they built an audience – it’s the fun of hearing someone react to the red wedding for the first time. They call Stephen a Maester for a reason. Not everyone’s cup of tea for sure, but they have their place.

    • Ser Biffy Clegane says:

      I really enjoyed the first two seasons and book clubs of Boars Gore & Swords – Red is observant and IMHO a pretty funny observational comic, and Ivan is a super-nerd and pretty naturally funny when he’s not repeating old jokes, but neither one of them is an expert, so it was fun to see two funny guys watch and read the material for the first time.

      By season three, I had to give it up – Ivan’s anti-comedy was swamping the actual discussion of the material – but it made me sad. I still use a couple Red jokes in everyday conversation.

    • I mean, each to their own, but as said Red and Ivan are comedians.

      Moreover, Red and Ivan have deliberately eschewed forums, reddits, etc. to avoid being spoiled on ASOIAF, so they’re not exposed to fan theories.

  2. John says:

    When discussing Benjen & taking the Black – you suggest he’s feeling guilty. Any specifics that make you believe he feels guilty? Also, any thoughts regarding the World book pointing to it simply being because of his aid to the Knight of the Laughing Tree, that he took the black as his only means of protection from the wrath of the Mad King?

    • From Bran’s flashback and the Knight of the Laughing Tree story, we know he was really close to Lyanna and probably helped her become the mystery knight in question.

      So if Lyanna needed help to meet up with Rhaegar, I think she turned to Benjen. And since this ultimately led to the deaths of his father and brother, I think BEnjen would feel quite guilty.

  3. SV says:

    I always enjoy Ivan and Red and I LOVE the episodes where they bring you on. Thanks!

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