RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

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Hey folks, now that we’re done with Sansa V and the Purple Wedding is now firmly in the rearview mirror, the next chapter to tackle is Jaime VII. That’s a ways off yet, but in the meantime we’ve got some good stuff on the tumblrs:



5 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

  1. teageegeepea says:

    I see you went back and added category tags to your recent chapter-by-chapter posts. Nice!

  2. Brett says:

    I was pretty hopeful about the Wheel of Time show. It was obvious they were going to have to make some serious structural changes to the overall plot, and those changes would probably be good – there’s no reason Rand has to brood in a tower for the equivalent of three books in the show, nor for Perrin to spend 3-4 books chasing [spoiler] who has been kidnapped by [spoiler for people nobody cares about].

    And I did like it! The last two episodes aren’t so great and really show the impact of both the Covid shut-down and subsequent rush to production, as well as the actor playing Mat not returning to the show after they re-started production, but it’s overall good.

    Speaking of which, I think they should just have a note before the beginning of the first episode where they show the New Mat actor, saying “The other guy left, this guy is Mat now and here’s what he looks like, thank you for supporting our show”. And then the show starts.

    Do you think Cersei accuses Tyrion anyways if he runs off after handing Joffrey the cup and thus isn’t there when he dies of poison? I’m inclined to think “Yes”, but not sure.

    • Jim B says:

      Yeah, weirdly, Wheel of Time’s flaws as a book series were exactly the kinds of things that you’d have to fix in an adaptation whether you wanted to or not. There’s so much dead weight plot-wise that can be trimmed, and the gender politics have to be fixed anyway to be palatable to a 2020s audience.

      Season 1 was not without its flaws, but I give it a solid B.

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