RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

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With the Purple Wedding done, the next milestone is…the end of the book, which is still 20ish chapters off. In the mean-time, however, we’ve got some good stuff on the tumblrs.



6 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

  1. Jim B says:

    “a duel is inherently a private event; two noble/gentlemen have come to conflict”

    Why only noble/gentlemen? Less obsession with social standing and fine points of “honor” among the lower classes? More to lose, in that an ordinary person injured in a duel loses his ability to earn a living and support his family? Or just that they had the simple option of punching someone in the face, essentially accomplishing the same thing without all the formalized rigamarole?

  2. Brett says:

    There ought to have been rival Citadels in the Westlands and Vale, along with maybe Dorne before Aegon’s conquest. I think the pan-Westerosi element to them is just Martin simplifying the world-building. It actually would have been pretty neat if Martin had included that in both Fire and Blood and World of Ice and Fire (IE Aegon orders the Citadels to consolidate, the oldest one in the Reach comes out on top even though the Grand Maester has to sit in King’s Landing).

    There’s no way Jon Arryn takes the crown, whether or not there are any Baratheons to sit the Iron Throne.

    The really interesting scenario is what happens if somehow all the Baratheon sons are dead in the war, either through violence, disease, or what have you. I still don’t think Jon Arryn would sit the Throne, but does he call a Great Council to pick a new King among the Houses? Does he offer to bring back either Viserys or Daenerys and raise them as Regent?

    • Grant says:

      I don’t see the rebels offering to back a Targaryen after they fought an anti-Targaryen war. If it’s not Jon Arryn, which is a hard sell but not the most impossible, they’re getting the genealogies rolled out and figuring out who was the descendant of the second cousin of King Aegon the Whateverith until they find someone who’s acceptable to the victors.

      • Brett says:

        I think they probably just hold a Great Council, and have the lords pick somebody as the next King. Probably not Jon Arryn, since he’s old and has no living heirs after his nephew was slain.

        I don’t think they’d even bother trying to find out a Targaryen descendant.

        • Grant says:

          A Great Council to choose a king completely outside the ruling family’s relatives is unprecedented, and it empowers the same pro-Targaryen lords who the anti-Targaryens had been fighting for their lives against. Finding a relative of the Arryns or Baratheons whose got some kind of Targaryen ancestry isn’t great, but it’s much more certain.

  3. artihcus022 says:

    Hoover rehabilitation sucks. I mean you just have to do a quick scan of the wikipedia page to see how stupid his actions as President were on every level and the worst part is he never took real responsibility for his bad administration, and he continued to nurture revisionism about his time as President.

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