On the Westerosi Economy: A Response to “More Darkness than Light”

Ok, a while back, madeinmyr responded to my rebuttal of their critique of A Laboratory of Politics Part III. I had been intending to reply for some time, but a half-finished version of this got eaten by a browser crash, and I got delayed.

So here goes. Putting this under the cut because it’s huge.

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“So Spake Martin” Archive Binge – Complete!


Over on, there’s a feature called “So Spake Martin” that collects George R.R Martin’s email responses, interviews, comments from his book signings and other events, and answers from Q&A sessions. Unfortunately, it’s organized horribly – pages are organized only by month (across a period of more than 15 years), there’s no way to search by topic, there’s no keywords, etc. So for the longest time, I’d basically ignored it, save for the few times in which someone quoted it, or it got used as a source on the wiki.

However, I recently got the chance to read the entire thing as one document, all 386 pages of it. It wasn’t easy, there was a lot of repetition both in the questions asked and answered, multiple reports from the same event, etc. but there’s a wealth of new information here.

So check it out:

Guest Post at Nerdstream Era: Supreme Court of Westeros, Ruling 53

A whole year has gone by since the first Supreme Court of Westeros which I participated in, so we’re celebrating by doing another one.

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Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis: Arya V, ACOK


“What if the wolves come?”


Synopsis: Arya, Gendry, Hot Pie, Lommy, and the other survivors from the Night’s Watch attempt to infiltrate a village and get captured.

SPOILER WARNING: This chapter analysis, and all following, will contain spoilers for all Song of Ice and Fire novels and Game of Thrones episodes. Caveat lector.

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On the Nature of Westerosi Feudalism (x-posted from Tumblr)

So a while back, I got into a bit of a debate with yuyurana andmightyisobel about the nature of Westerosi feudalism, whether serfdom existed in Westeros, and to what extent the smallfolk had/have political agency in their own land. At the time, I was super-swamped and promised a future rebuttal, but that kept slipping down my to-do list.

Well, the recent publication of AWOIAF sort of jogged my memory, and has given us a much better (although by no means complete) picture of the status and activities of the smallfolk, so here’s my long-promised response:

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World of Ice and Fire Analysis: Chapter VII (Beyond the Seven Kingdoms)

And after a rather frantic week, we’re almost done…


Time to see what’s left of my Laboratory of Politics series!

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A World of Ice and Fire Analysis VIb (The Seven Kingdoms from the Westerlands to Dorne)

Moving from the North to the heart of the South this week. Some really interesting stuff…


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A World of Ice and Fire Analysis: Chapter VIa (From the North to the Iron Islands)

Now that we’re through the historical section, we can get into some more focused detail on the various Seven Kingdoms.


Onwards and upwards!

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A World of Ice and Fire Analysis: Chapter IV and V (The Fall of the Dragons and the Glorious Reign)

I decided to move some things around a bit, since Chapter III was a pretty long haul. So in this case, I’m doing two shorter chapters at once, and then splitting up the Seven Kingdoms section in half, so it’s more manageable.


So let’s talk Robert’s Rebellion!

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A World of Ice and Fire: Chapter III (The Targaryen Kings)

Ok…this is going to be a long ‘un, but a good ‘un. Let’s tuck in, shall we, and see what’s left of the Hollow Crowns Parts Two and Three?


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