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Fire & Blood, Volume I: Jaehaerys and Alysanne

Happy 2019, everyone! Buckle up, this is going to be another long one…

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Fire & Blood, Volume I: Birth, Death, and Betrayal

We’re starting to head into the long, long chapters. *Gulp.* Here we go!

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Fire & Blood, Volume I: A Time of Testing

This next chapter is thankfully rather short, but it’s got some interesting stuff in it.

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Fire & Blood, Volume I: A Surfeit of Rulers

Holy hell, this chapter is so long…

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Fire & Blood, Volume I: The Year of the Three Brides

You know things are about to slow down and get a good deal more complex when you have an entire chapter devoted to one out of the three hundred years of the Targaryen dynasty…

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Fire & Blood Volume I: Prince into King, the Ascension of Jaehaerys I

Fire & Blood Vol. I does not stint for material on Jaehaerys I – no less than eight chapters, almost three hundred pages, focus on his reign – which means that it is not going to be possible to cover this monarch in one chapter. And since almost all of this is new material, I’m going to go chapter-by-chapter.

Which is not much of a sacrifice, because this is the strongest material in the book, and absolutely the best in-universe historical writing that GRRM has ever done.

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Fire & Blood, Volume I: Governance Under King Aegon I to the Sons of the Dragon

Ok, here we go. A mix of extended and word-for-word today.

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Fire and Blood, Volume I: Aegon’s Conquest to the Wars of Aegon I

Here’s my plan with Fire and Blood, Volume I. This book is a bit of a tricky combination of stuff that’s taken word-for-word from previous texts (WOIAF, Sons of the Dragon, etc.), completely new stuff, and stuff that was in previous texts but has since been expanded.

In each post then, I will just link to where I wrote about the word-for-word stuff when the previous book came out, then continue on to the next new/expanded section, rather than have each post be discrete chapter-by-chapters. And where there is expanded stuff, I’ll link to where I’ve discussed stuff so far.

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Quick Analysis of Fire and Blood Excerpt

Big news for fans of ASOIAF lore: GRRM has released an excerpt from the upcoming Fire & Blood Volume I, which covers Queen Alysanne’s visit to the North.

There’s some really interesting new material here, which I think bodes well for Fire & Blood as a valuable addition to the broader corpus of lore about the world of ice and fire.

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