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Book/Kickstarter Announcement

More news on the book front!

First, the updated version of Race for the Iron Throne Volume I is now up on Amazon, so if you have already have your copy of the e-book, make sure to update it either on your app or through Amazon’s website.

Second, we are in the process of finalizing the print manuscript for both Volume I and Volume II for submission to Amazon. According to my editor, “the plan right now is to submit the finalized manuscript for Vol. II by next Friday, and to do the same for Vol. I by the following Friday.” Once the manuscripts are approved by Amazon, we’ll get to work shipping them out to the Kickstarter backers, and sometime after that making them available to the general public.

I cannot wait to have these things in my (and your) hands!


Book/Kickstarter Announcement!

Big news on the book front!

If you’re a Kickstarter backer you probably already heard this, but Race for the Iron Throne Volume I has been re-edited and updated, complete with a brand new cover. This also means that now that both Volume I and Volume II have been edited and updated as e-books, we can now begin the process of turning them into physical books.

The plan currently is to have the publishing process finished by the end of September, with a shipping date for the Kickstarter backers’ copies immediately thereafter. And hopefully soon after that, people who don’t like e-books but weren’t able to pick up a copy through the Kickstarter will be able buy physical copies of their own through the usual Amazon pages.

This is a huge step forward for Race for the Iron Throne. I’ve always wanted to publish a physical book about A Song of Ice and Fire and, thanks to your support, I finally have. So thanks to all my backers for making that dream come true!

Also, now that I have something to sell and sign, I have an extra reason to show up for the Con of Ice and Fire and Con of Thrones, since I missed them this year for the Reasons…

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