Non-ASOIAF Content: Talking Venture Bros with Elana at Graphic Policy Radio

Hey folks, first of all I owe you an update: I haven’t been working on the blog for a couple months now because I’ve been handed a new class for the Fall Semester, so I’ve been a bit frantically busy assembling readings, reading the readings, and writing lectures. I’ve put together a bit of a buffer so that I shouldn’t be scrambling from week to week, which should mean that I can start working on the blog again soon.

In the mean time, I managed to do another Venture Bros podcast with my friend and colleague Elana Levin. This episode, we’re covering the Season 1 finale, “Return to Spider-Skull Island!”



5 thoughts on “Non-ASOIAF Content: Talking Venture Bros with Elana at Graphic Policy Radio

  1. David Hunt says:


    I’m years behind on the Venture Brothers. Something in Season 3 or 4 was massive turnoff to me that broke my rhythm with the series. But I’ll always remember Rusty’s line that closed out Season 1.

    • David Hunt says:

      So I was just listening to the episode, and I was so sure that Rusty had said “get their CLONES” as a last line, but I just re-listened to it and turned on closed captioning. You were correct. He says “clothes.”

      It’s odd that I misheard the line in such a way that it told me the exact way that the boys were going to come back.

  2. Congratulations and I wish you well with the new course and the semester! I finally started taking some classes again after a period of not doing so and I somewhat feel like I’m relearning all this student school stuff. But it’s exciting to study!

  3. Slim Charles says:

    Where are u Mr Attewell?
    Its been almost a year since your last post and HotD has came out.
    If youre writing somewhere else please let us know.
    In any case I wish that you are well and healthy man.

  4. Sabastian Burlison Moffatt says:

    Love this blog! Wishing you the best!!

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