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Hey folks! Now that Tyrion VII is done and Sansa IV is coming up on the horizon, it’s high time we had a Tumblr Roundup, because we’ve got some good stuff on the docket.



Patron Questions:

  • What is the most mundane detail that writers usually get wrong in their worldbuilding? Economic, military, social, whatever–just which detail is usually wrong?”
    • That’s a tricky question. It’s probably something like sanitation or travel speeds or something like that.
  • “How do you think fAegon is going to get a dragon, so we can get Dance of Dragons Mk II over King’s Landing in The Winds of Winter?”
    • I think Dany will invite him to ride a dragon, thinking he’ll end up like Quentyn because he’s not a real Targaryen, only to find that it doesn’t work and he rides the dragon just fine. This will be the straw that gets her to launch into her dragon duel above the city.
  • Will King’s Landing still be the capital of Westeros at the end of this, or will it basically be a charred ruin?
    • Probably both.

11 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

  1. Grant says:

    I suggest American Civil Wars by Doyle for the war in an international context.

    On Westeros, are we sure that the prophecy was front and center in Cersei’s mind in those years? She may have not really noticed the number until it looked like it might actually come true, or really not have wanted to have a fourth (especially since it would require actions sufficient to make Robert think the two of them had slept together).

  2. Brett says:

    I wonder about that with fAegon. If Dany really is take-no-quarter after her triumphs in Essos by the time she shows up, I don’t think she’d actually stop and let him try out a dragon just in case. But it could work, and it would be an interesting way of having her actually be in the wrong there – she’d be an oathbreaker starting a war and potentially turning off a lot of important allies in the chaos that ensues.

    I was thinking that if the show had been willing to do the Dany stuff in the right order, they could have brought in fAegon and the Golden Company after all. Just have Cersei make an ill-advised, desperate decision to hire them, they show up and immediately seize the city and proclaim their guy Aegon VI while she’s locked in the Red Keep, and then have it just be an embarrassing screw-up by Varys (I can totally imagine Conleth Hill doing the wincing line delivery as he has to explain to Dany and Tyrion how the whole “Aegon” thing was just a back-up plan in the show because he thought Daenerys might die and Viserys was useless).

    • teageegeepea says:

      Introducing a new king out of nowhere would be a terrible idea. The audience would not care about this person at all.

      • Brett says:

        He’s only claiming to be King. Like I said, you’d have Varys pretty quickly and embarrassedly explain to Dany that he’s a fraud – he was just a back-up idea of creating his own King if she and Viserys both died.

  3. Brett says:

    Sorry, that should be besieged in the Red Keep, not “locked in”.

  4. bookworm1398 says:

    I’ve always thought Varys original plan was to manipulate Aerys into ruling correctly. But Aerys was too unpredictable so then he decided he needed to raise a perfect prince.

  5. Rake says:

    It will be very strange if Daenerys tests Aegon and kills him for passing the test she proposed. To me she’ll be just like Renly when he tried to usurp Stannis.

    • Grant says:

      Considering the result of trying to negotiate and compromise throughout her journey and the betrayals she’s experienced (including by Illyrio), I don’t think she’s going to be inclined to play nice now.

      • Rake says:

        That still won’t make her any better than the other characters.

        • Jim B says:

          I don’t think she’s been “better than the other characters” for a while now.

          It’s been easy to cheer her on in some respects because she’s mostly been fighting people worse than her, and she’s been through a lot of trauma, but I don’t consider her a particularly moral leader. And she has a massive sense of entitlement. She’s going to come up with rationalization after rationalization as to why anyone else’s claim is not better than hers. The irony will be that she’ll be right in Aegon’s case and wrong in Jon’s.

          • Rake says:

            I think this is one of Martin’s flaws, he makes some horrible and repulsive antagonists so that “young people” get better, like the Masters of Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen and the Boltons, especially Ramsay.

            Even though that’s the general opinion of the fandon, I’m not sure if Aegon is fake, I think there’s a possibility that he’s real.

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