Race for the Iron Throne Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

Hey folks, time to check in once again. So the Patreon is officially in its second month – it’s still a bit short of its first stretch goal of an extra essay per month, so if you have a few bucks to spare and would like to see more Race for the Iron Throne content, every little bit helps.

More importantly, work has started on Arya VI, once of my favorite chapters in all of ASOS. This essay is going to be a long one, but I think a good one.

In the mean-time, we’ve got Tumblrs:




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7 thoughts on “Race for the Iron Throne Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

  1. Brett says:

    Littlefinger is pretty good at playing most of the people in Court, so I don’t blame Jon Arryn for that – he tricked almost everyone. They all know he’s slimy, but they all think he’s not really a threat to them because he’s just a small lord turned rich royal official.

    I’ll be bummed and amused if Victarion blows the horn and kills himself in the process. I think it would be funnier if he uses to mount a dragon, then immediately gets thrown off and dies.

    Agreed on #1 vis a vis Euron. He’s going to carry out his mass sacrifice and blow the Horn from the Hightower, and then die. Ever since the Aeron chapter from TWoW came out I’ve figured he was an unwitting pawn of whatever power is animating the Others – that’s why he failed to fly but didn’t die like the rest of the dreamers who failed, he was sent back wrong. Echoes of the Others enslaving the mind and soul of the Night’s King.

  2. Rakdar says:

    The Oakenfist could have probably rebuilt High Tide.

    Do you think the Driftwood Throne was lost in the fire? Logically it should have been, but it would add to the eldritch horror if the flames had not touched it.

    On another note, why doesn’t House Velaryon have Valyrian steel?

    • The problem with that is there’s no mention of High Tide after the Dance.

    • Sean C. says:

      On another note, why doesn’t House Velaryon have Valyrian steel?

      There seems to be little rhyme or reason behind who has a Valyrian steel blade and who doesn’t.

      House Mormont, of all people, having one is one of GRRM’s more obvious plot contrivances.

      • Rakdar says:

        Why? The Mormonts clearly took it from an Ironborn reaver who was killed on Bear Island. I don’t mind minor houses having Valyrian steel, but houses that should have one annoy me. Examples that I can think of are Gardener, Durrandon/Baratheon, Arryn, Martell, Manderly and Darklyn, in addition to the Velaryons.

        About High Tide, GRRM probably only thought up the name for AWOIAF. It’s not surprising that it doesn’t show up in the books. It would strike me as odd if Alyn hadn’t rebuilt it.

      • Rich says:

        Supposedly there are 227 Valyrian Steel swords. Who owns like 90% of them? Really annoying world building quibble right there.

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