RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

Hello, everyone! Apologies for not posting sooner; I’ve been in a bit of a Sisyphean cycle recently where I spend the entire week doing the lecture for the coming week and then restarting again, so haven’t had the most time for writing. In the mean time, I do have some Tumblr goodness for you:




6 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

  1. Steven Xue says:

    Don’t you think there’s still a chance for Jaime to take the Iron Throne in canon? I’ve always imagined what will happen in the upcoming books is just like the show Cersei will take the Iron Throne once the last of her children have turned up their toes. And once she’s on the throne she will become increasingly cruel and tyrannical, probably ending up using wildfire to murder people like a certain someone who still haunts Jaime’s memories did. I think eventually Jaime will become fed up with Cersei’s rampant despotism and ends up fulfilling the prophecy of the Valonqar by taking her life and then crowning himself as king before Aegon or Dany dislodges him from the Iron Throne.

  2. fjallstrom says:

    Good points about the hundred years war. What about the Angevin kings, could any of them managed to become kings of France and England and made it stick?

  3. will113 says:

    Huh, if Telltale Games hadn’t drivern themselves to financial ruin,after years of trying to recapture the success of their first Walking Dead game, we might have gotten an announcement for their next Game of Thrones game around now.

  4. SV says:

    Does anyone remember seeing or hearing – perhaps on Reddit or a podcast – that someone traced back through genealogies of the Houses of Westeros, and figured out who is rightfully next in line for the crown after the Baratheons are gone – and claimed that IT’S ACTUALLY FUCKEN CERSEI/JAMIE after Tywin is dead, through a Lannister relative from a long time ago!? I think a female Baratheon married into the family generations ago. I can’t remember the source sadly…

    If this person was correct then it’s currently Cersei who’s rightfully the monarch (if equality) or Jamie (if misogyny). (Assuming that Stannis and his line are disqualified for Treason Reasons, I suppose).

  5. Kandrax says:

    Conflict between Science and Religion wasn’t at all thing during Middle Ages.

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