RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

Hello everyone! So, we’re heading into a really interesting period. FIre & Blood Volume I is almost upon us – my plan is to do an extended bullet-point chapter-by-chapter analysis, and then probably a new Hollow Crowns followup essay like I did after WOIAF came out – and then I’ve got the last part of Hour of the Wolf, and I’m writing outlines for ASOS with the aim of getting to the mid-point of the book.

But in the mean-time, let’s look at some Tumblrs:




5 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

  1. Jim B says:

    On the Renly-Tyrell discussion:

    1) I’m not sure Renly needed a Plan B. He wasn’t really running huge risks. If Robert wasn’t interested in Marg, what’s the worst case scenario? That Robert resents him for trying to set him up? That Cersei (who doesn’t like him to begin with) sniffs out the scheme? If Robert beds Marg but then refuses to marry her, that is perhaps a setback for the Tyrells and Marg in particular (especially if he impregnates her), but not really for Renly. Even if the rejection happens after Renly has informed Robert of Cersei’s treachery, there’s probably still a civil war against the Lannisters in which the Tyrells can be key players and earn some rewards from Robert as a consolation prize of sorts.

    2) I suppose resentment isn’t always rational, but it’s not clear to me why the Florents would end up with some particular hate for Marg if the scheme succeeded. A mistress is not a wife, and the mother of a bastard, even a royal one, is not the same as the mother of a legitimate son, especially a prince and heir.

    • Murc says:

      The Florents would be slightly resentful because if all of Roberts kids aren’t legitimate, that makes Stannis Robert’s heir… Stannis, with his Florent wife and Florent heir.

      They wouldn’t like it if their overlords snuck in around them and went “yoink!”

      • Jim B says:

        Ah, hadn’t considered that angle. Fair point. Although, that’s sort of par for the course when talking about the younger brother of a still-presumably-fertile monarch; if you marry the spare rather than the heir, you can’t get your hopes too high. If Robert finds himself single and without legitimate children, then he’s going to marry someone, as much out of duty as anything, whether it’s Marg or someone else.

    • 1. That’s a fair point.

      2. The Florents are always going to be resentful. The question is whether their resentment is consequential.

      • Steven Xue says:

        But that would mostly depend on timing, wouldn’t it? Say Robert has Cersei arrested and thrown into prison. The humiliation of being cucked puts Robert in a bad mood and Margaery is there to give him comfort sex. Assuming he knocks her up while his marriage to Cersei hasn’t yet being unbinded, whatever children he begets her with during this window would be considered illegitimate. Because even if a queen is disgraced and stripped of all power, she is still regarded as the king’s lawful wife.

        And personally no matter how mad he would be, I don’t think Robert would have Cersei executed immediately once her adultery has been exposed. He would most likely have her thrown in a dungeon while gathering an assembly at court to put his wife on trial as is her right as the queen and a highborn noblewoman. That would take a lot of time to arrange and knowing Tywin he would do everything in his power to disrupt such proceedings to stop his children from being executed.

        As much as the Lannisters have to lose from Cersei’s demise, the Florents would have much to gain so long as she is kept alive for a time. And if Cersei is spared Robert cannot remarry and adultery isn’t considered grounds for annulment. So what children he has with Margaery cannot inherit the throne, thus putting Stannis next in line. Certainly the Florents don’t have military or economic power to back up their pretenses, but they do have moral authority on their side. And they stand to gain everything by preventing Renly’s plot from going to fruition.

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