RFTIT Tumblr Weeklish Roundup

Hey folks! Thanks for putting up with my long delay on finishing up Part III of the Life of the High Spider (which still has some errors that’ll need to be fixed when I combine all three parts into one document). I’ve already started work on the last part of the Politics of Dorne,  but it’ll be a while in coming because I have a lot of grading to do in the next week.

In the meantime, I’ve got a lot of great stuff on the Tumblr:




6 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weeklish Roundup

  1. Brett says:

    Wouldn’t vast latifundia be hard to sustain in the Disputed Lands? It seems like the constant conflicts would make it hard to suppress slave revolts, especially when the slaves so heavily outnumber the free people there.

    I think this came up on your tumblr, but how did land ownership work in medieval cities? If you moved into a city and wanted to set up a work-shop (I’m assuming you have guild permission here), would you lease a space from someone, as with a more modern business?

    Northerners seem to migrate into “winter towns” in Winters in the North, like the town outside of Winterfell. I’ll second the “crafts” explanation – I bet there’s a whole bunch of cottage businesses that are more or less “winter work” in the North.

  2. Eric Ellis says:

    Hey Steven, are you going to be getting back to your Storm of Swords analysis soon? I have read every one of your chapter analyses since the 1st Game of Thrones and am anxiously awaiting your finishing of Storm of Swords with almost as much anticipation as i am reading The Winds of Winter.

    • Once I finish Politics of Dorne.

      • Eric Ellis says:

        Thanks Steven! I’ve learned so much about this series after reading your CBC’s and am fascinated by just how much I missed throughout the books, even though I’ve been through them all 3 times already! I also love your appearances on History of Westeros. Any idea when you guys will be doing the next Blackfyre Rebellion video (Bloodraven)? Anyway, thanks again for pointing out all the stuff I’m evidently too dumb to figure out, lol!

  3. Tywin of the Hill says:

    The last part of the High Spider’s tale was magnificent. Kudos for the headcanon.

  4. The Dragon Demands says:

    If possible, next week, can you post your thoughts on my video analysis of the Wight Hunt in Season 7 of the TV series?

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