In Non-ASOIAF News…a Primer on Unions for Season 2 of the Wire

So a while back, I offered my expertise as a labor scholar and former labor activist to my friend Natasha of Unspoiled! as she was going through Season 2 of the Wire, and wrote up a primer document explaining the various references to unions and labor law for that season. When the season was complete, we posted a Dropbox link so that people listening to the podcast could read along. Unfortunately, the Dropbox link seems to have failed, so I decided to host the document here as well so that people can access it if they’d like.


3 thoughts on “In Non-ASOIAF News…a Primer on Unions for Season 2 of the Wire

  1. Murc says:

    This is gonna be a valuable resource for a TTRPG I’m currently running.

    Gonna send my PCs to rig a union election for some mob bosses. Yeah, that’ll be gold.

  2. jeff n. says:

    Just to add on, the Baltimore grain terminal really did collapse in the summer of 2001, and then Archer Daniels Midland, which owned it, really did opt to permanently close it in favor of moving their operations to Norfolk. And now it is, indeed, condos.

  3. That was really handy, and I wish I’d had that the first three times I watched that Season… now I have an excuse to watch it again.

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