RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

Hey folks! I’ve started to find my enthusiasm for Tyrion III after being blocked for some time, and I’m currently up to 5,000 words. It should be done sometime this week, but in the meantime, I’ve got some really good Tumblr stuff for you:


7 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weeklyish Roundup

  1. Brett says:

    EDIT: Hmm, it ate my comment. I’ll try reposting it.

    Buying land has come up a couple times before. The only way you could (sort of) do it would be to bribe a lord into giving you a land grant for a monetary contribution instead of typical service (or however people acquire land in cities), and after all that he’d have . . . a piece of land, except with none of the benefits that having land provides in terms of power and prestige in a society like Westeros. All it would do is potentially provide him money from tenants, and Baelish already has tons of money – he wants to convert money into power.

    The Braavosi could totally be harvesting lumber from Mossovy, especially if it’s for valuable and strategically useful purposes like ships and masts. But if they were, you’d think there would be a port town on Mossovy that Corlys Velaryon could have stopped at, where ships would load the lumber on board (unless they’re doing the probable-Ironborn thing and sneakily try to cut down trees and haul them off on Cape Kraken before the locals notice). Instead, it sounds like Nefer is the furthest east port on the Shivering Sea, with further east coastline being like northeastern Eurasia in real life (i.e. relatively low population, cold subarctic forest eventually turning into tundra).

    Valyrian blood must not be totally necessary to ride and control a dragon, if Tyrion is (possibly) going to turn out to be a dragon-rider (I don’t buy the theory that Tyrion is Aegon II’s bastard son).

    • Murc says:

      Tyrion being Aegon II’s bastard son would be… quite the twist.

      (I kid because I love.)

      • Brett says:

        Man, I would hate to have to apologize to all the people I gave side-eye to for that theory back in the day on Westeros.org.

        It’s possible – IIRC it’s hinted that Joanna might have hooked up with Aerys back when he and Tywin were young friends, and it’d be sort of ironic if Joanna hooked up with Aerys again much later on while Tywin was cheating on her with sex workers through his secret tunnel out of the Tower of the Hand. And then there’s the bit about him “taking liberties” at the bedding at Tywin’s wedding, but I read that more as him getting drunk and handsy in a way that’s inappropriate for a bedding (which is saying something given Catelyn’s description of her own bedding).

      • Brett says:

        I’ll admit, I do like the idea of yet another aspect of Tywin Lannister’s life being a hollow facade, although I don’t like the idea of him being right about Tyrion not being his son (especially since everyone else thinks he’s Tywin in miniature, including Tywin’s sister).

  2. Steven Xue says:

    I personally think it would have been more ideal had Nymeria landed her people in the Riverlands and conquered that region of Westeros rather than settle for the first place they found habitable. Its just that in my opinion Dorne was far too dry for a river people like the Rhoynish, the North is very frigid and also hard place to live, the Westerlands and the Vale are very hilly and mountainous and have few major rivers they could exploit. There’s also the Reach which is by far the most desirable place anywhere amongst the Seven Kingdoms but was already united and firmly under the thumb of the Gardeners who could muster armies of immeasurable size to repel foreign invaders. Then there’s the Stormlands and the Iron Islands but lets not even go there.

    Now even if the Riverlands were a united polity at that time (it should be either during the reign of the Teagues or Storm Kings I think), there was still quite a bit of internal struggles and conflict in that region back in Nymeria’s day. Nymeria could have married into a powerful Riverland house and conquered the place while playing off the rivalries of the very volatile local nobility just like she did in Dorne.

    I feel that the Rhoynish could have easily overtaken the Riverlands even more so than Dorne. With their battle hardened army, advanced iron weapons, military tactics and organization it would have been a piece of cake. Plus their water wizards who can bring down dragons would be nigh unstoppable if they could harness the waters of the Trident for military purposes. Ain’t nobody’s going to mess with them.

    Of course the major downside I see with the Riverlands is that its located in the center of Westeros with few defenses. So Nymeria and her descendants will be constantly on guard against rival powers. Plus since the Rhoynish are essentially foreigners encroaching on Andal land and coming in with their foreign gods and customs, this will give the other kingdoms an excuse to stop fighting among themselves and gang up on the Riverlands. I guess back then Dorne was already quite alien compared to the rest of the realm and that didn’t bother their neighbors and on top of that Dorne itself isn’t exactly a very valuable piece of real estate compared to the Riverlands. Still water magic might not be lost to the world if the Rhoynish settled somewhere less arid than Dorne.

    • Brett says:

      I think the Riverlands would have just been too far north, especially with an aging fleet of ships. It either would have entailed sailing west up the coast of Westeros risking attacks from the Gardeners, Lannisters, and Ironborn, or sailing up the east coast and risking attacks from the Stormlands, the southern reaches of the Valyrian empire, and possible pirates and slavers in the Stepstones. And of course the whole way, they’d be at risk of shipwreck, something which the Reader seemed to think was a big risk in sailing around the bottom of Westeros in AFFC.

  3. winnief says:

    And of course one other problem for Tywins strategy it made no account for the Golden Company much less dragons and Ice Zombies

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