Guest Appearance on Unspoiled!

Hey folks! After a long time, I’m finally guest podcasting over at Unspoiled. In this episode, I join Natasha, Roshawn, and Miles to talk about the finale of Season 7 and try to stump Miles (who doesn’t watch the show) in an elaborate multiple choice quiz.

Fair warning, this episode is Patrons-only, so if you’re a Patron of Unspoiled you should check it out.


3 thoughts on “Guest Appearance on Unspoiled!

  1. David Hunt says:

    Fellow Patron, here. I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast episode. You read the questions with gusto and panache. Good to hear you doing podcasting again. I’ve missed it and especially the work you did with SEK (Like any moderately intelligent human being, I also miss him). I hope that things are going well,or at least better, on your end.

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