RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!


Hey folks, I hate to do a two-in-a-row here, but unfortunately I’ve had a health issue that, while not super serious in itself, has been extremely distracting. Also, I’ve been focused on PHOMU #12 and an upcoming podcast on Monday, so what time I do have hasn’t been going to Catelyn II.

My hope is that if this health issue can clear up, I should have more time and energy to commit to getting Catelyn II underway and then getting to work on Politics of the Reach Part IV.

In the meantime, the Tumblrs:




10 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!

  1. thatrabidpotato says:

    Impressive detail into the fake knightly orders- I ❤ Winged Hussars.

  2. winnief says:

    Feel better soon Steve. Hope you’re hyped for Season 7.

  3. fjallstrom says:

    I hope you get better soon.

    Liked the knightly orders, though I think Tywin’s more likely to restore (as in, kicking out the newcomers) the order than destroying it.

  4. your health is more important than any work, thank you so much for these great writings. i’ll keep supporting even if we don’t get any chapters for a while. (I buy the Kindle books, but I couldn’t find a Patreon or anything, btw).

  5. Mark hayes says:

    Hey wanna say that you didn’t answer my question on why their is a lack of large scale knight orders

    • Grant says:

      That would be the Warrior’s Sons of the Faith Militant, though in practice they probably drew their knights from some regions more than others.

      Other than them, you’d probably have to wait until after Aegon for a pan-Westerosi knightly order. Probably not Aegon himself, but I could see Jahaerys I, Daeron I (if he had time) or Viserys II making one.

      • Hedrigal says:

        I don’t know, Aegon was actually fairly into the idea of knightly shit, he wanted the kingsguard to be picked in a tourney.

        • Grant says:

          Aegon was a pretty busy guy getting the new kingdom set up, the Kingsguard wasn’t even created until assassins nearly killed him in King’s Landing. Between Dorne, getting his new city made, keeping an eye on the new lords running things in the Reach, Riverlands and Iron Islands, trying to create a grand pan-Westerosi order might have been doing too much for something he wouldn’t need with his dragons.

          • Crystal says:

            When you think about it, that explains a lot about why Aegon had only one child (Aenys) for a long time – he didn’t want to sleep with Visenya more than he had to for duty’s sake, and all three siblings were flying around the kingdom consolidating their power, arranging marriages, quelling rebellions, etc. Aegon and Rhaenys probably figured that they had their heir, and the Velaryons had a suitable wife candidate for him, so they could wait for a spare until life simmered down a bit. (Even with nurses and nannies to help, a pregnant/recovering from childbirth Rhaenys would have to slow her pace a little!)

            Then, of course, the Ullers happened, and Aegon decides he needs a spare, and thus got Maegor on Visenya.

    • Grant says:

      Incidentally, there isn’t a requirement to answer every question that someone asks. Attewell often does, but not always.

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