RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!


Hey folks! Catelyn II is now outlined, although the quotes haven’t been added in yet.

In the meantime, it’s that time of the week again, so let’s see what we have on the Tumblrs:




16 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!

  1. Mark hayes says:

    Hey have you read many sons of winter is an asoiaf fanfiction

  2. Brett says:

    I’m glad to see “Euron is a liar” is back on. I never bought the theory that he was going to be some big series antagonist, although it’s pretty clear that whatever horrifying ritual he’s going to do at Oldtown is going to be huge (maybe he’ll be slain in the midst of it by Garlan Tyrell). Murc make a good point that Euron’s Valyrian armor may not even really be that – if he’s lying about the horn, then it’s quite possible that he’s lying about the armor as well and has merely glamoured it to look real.

    Ye Olde Genteel Poverty, made more fun in real life with entailment. So you’d end up with impoverished noble families who own a mansion sinking into ruin and little else – I always wondered where that trope came from before I found out more about it.

    • Grant says:

      The horn certainly kills people in a spectacular fashion, according to Dany her ancestors used them to control dragons and how it functions fits the Valryian way of handling things.

      • Brett says:

        Oh, I definitely think it’s a genuine Valyrian horn. I just don’t think Euron actually knows how to control dragons with it, and Victarion is just winging it as well.

        • Grant says:

          Euron, possibly. Victarion, definitely. He only knows as much as he observed at the Kingsmoot and what Moqorro’s told him.

          • Crystal says:

            Thick Vic has “dragon chow” written all over him. He’s being played by both Euron and Moqorro, and I think one of Dany’s dragons will make calamari out of him soon after he lands in Essos – either Rhaegal or Viserion right away, or Dany telling Drogon to Dracarys when she arrives back with her Dothraki horde. Now she’ll have the fleet of ships she needs.

    • Crystal says:

      Re the genteel poverty – I’ve always surmised that Edd Tollett is a younger son of a younger son for several generations. The main Tollett branch might be doing OK, but the collateral branches are now poor relations near to smallfolk. Barbara Tuchman in “A Distant Mirror” discusses poor nobility.

      The Lannisters and Freys support a ton of collateral relations – cousins, in-laws, etc. – but they have money. The Tolletts, IIRC, are sworn to the Royces, not even to the Arryns themselves, so they are a minor house to begin with. (It makes me wonder just what Humfrey Harding was doing at the Ashford Tournament among all those big names – Baratheon, Tyrell, Lannister, etc.)

      • Grant says:

        He was really good with the lance? Attewell mentions on tumblr that there were some very famous knights who did tournaments (William Marshall springs to mind) though they typically looked for the more secure life as part of a retinue (and the tournaments were in part trying to get noticed by the rich muckety mucks).

      • Murc says:

        The Lannisters and Freys support a ton of collateral relations – cousins, in-laws, etc. – but they have money.

        They do! Although it is worth noting that that’s very, very contingent.

        Merrett seems legitimately worried that when the old man dies, a LOT of those extra Freys are going to find themselves out on their asses.

      • Sean C. says:

        The Tolletts, IIRC, are sworn to the Royces, not even to the Arryns themselves, so they are a minor house to begin with.

        The Tolletts are a relatively big-name banner house (we know from TWOIAF they go all the way back to the Andal Conquest), akin to the various Hightower banner houses. Merely being sworn to the Royces doesn’t indicate they’re particularly poor or anything (though I’d be interested to know how that happened, since the Tolletts were an Andal house and fought against the Royces in the battle for dominance in the Vale).

      • Brett says:

        That sounds about right. The Freys do seem unusually generous to side relations, although I doubt that generosity extends much beyond room, board, and maybe knighthood. Not all Houses Minor (and certainly not all small lords) can afford to be that generous.

        As for Harding, it could be just that his name plus having enough equipment to compete was enough to get him in.

        • Space Oddity says:

          Remember, the Freys are rich as hell, even if the older Riverlands houses look down their noses at them, and rather powerful.

  3. Mark hayes says:

    Hey I would love if you did a political analysis for the fanfiction many sons of winter it’s very interesting

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