RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!


Hello, folks! So Tyrion II’s quotes are put in, and I’ve now assembled all the quotes for the Politics of the Reach. Whether I’ll have a finished essay for Monday, we’ll see…depends on how productive I feel on Thursday through Sunday.

But in the mean time, let’s see what we have on the Tumblr:


2 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!

  1. Sean C. says:

    Regarding the question of the Most Devout, the whole religious history of the Seven Kingdoms makes little sense to me — and in general, I get the sense that GRRM didn’t put a lot of thought into any of this until A Feast for Crows and the development of The World of Ice and Fire‘s extensive backstory, when he starts trying to retrofit more religion into the politics of Westeros.

    But even there, a lot of the basic infrastructure doesn’t really square with the political history. Even if you assume that the High Septons were able to avoid being regarded as pawns of the Gardeners (or the Hightowers) for most of their history in Oldtown (an issue that also applies to the Maesters, incidentally), once Aegon the Conqueror arrived you have a situation where the High Septon formally crowned him as Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, which is a direct attack on the legitimacy of House Martell. Dorne, at a minimum, should at that point of have developed its own schismatic church.

    • Grant says:

      The books are already pretty long and complex with lots of characters, intrigue and politics. If Martin had tried to be more realistic about the Faith too, it would probably have added an extra five characters and two hundred pages to the books.

      Given the range of historical influences he uses for the books, I’m sure he’s aware of the greater complexity of Eurasian Christian history, he just chooses to have something much more simplified for the series.

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