Guest Appearance on History of Westeros Podcast: The Golden Company

As you know, I’ve been doing a collaborative series of podcasts on the Blackfyres with the History of Westeros Podcast: in previous episodes, we’ve covered Aegon IV, Daeron II, Daemon Blackfyre, the First Blackfyre Rebellion, and Bittersteel. In this episode, we take a look at Aegon “Bittersteel” Rivers and the Golden Company he founded:



2 thoughts on “Guest Appearance on History of Westeros Podcast: The Golden Company

  1. Brett says:

    The most logical explanation for Bloodraven killing Aenys Blackfyre was his “extreme utilitarianism/pragmatism”, but I also wonder if maybe he was starting to have the visions/green dreams before this point. Maybe he saw that he needed to head north anyways, and decided to do what he saw as one last boon for House Targaryen before heading/being sent north (not to mention that he was probably going to be on the outs politically anyways with a new King).

  2. stephendanay says:

    I know the whole “he was the last of the male line” seems to basically refute it, but I would really love it if Maelys the Monstrous was the grandson of Bittersteel and Calla. There’s something about the final culmination of Bittersteel’s decades of hatred and vendetta being personified in a man who is a literal monster that’s so thematically satisfying. It would also go a ways to answering whether Aegor and Calla had kids. There’s not much reason for them not to, but it never being mentioned makes me think Martin’s holding something back. Maelys’ ancestry back to Daemon I also still being a mystery doesn’t hurt either.

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