Politics of the Seven Kingdoms, Part VI (The Westerlands)


Hey folks! If you’d like to read my essay on the politics of the Westerlands collected together in one place, it’s now up on Tower of the Hand here.

Check it out!


9 thoughts on “Politics of the Seven Kingdoms, Part VI (The Westerlands)

  1. Tywin of the Hill says:

    PART VI? What happened to Parts IV and V?

    • They will bend the knee says:

      It’s the sixth part of the “Politics of the Seven Kingdoms” collection (after the Iron Islands, the Riverlands,…) not the sixth part of the “Politics of the Westerland” which was a three parts essay.
      Yes I did get confused at first too… 😉

    • Part IV is the Riverlands and Part V is the Iron Islands.

      This isn’t Part VI of the Westerlands, it’s the collected Westerlands.

  2. thatrabidpotato says:

    But… you’ve only done the North, Vale, Riverlands, II, and now the West, right? That’s five, not six? What am I missing?

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