RTFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!


Hello folks! Unfortunately, due to a health setback, writing on Westerlands Part III (currently up to 7590 words) and Jaime II stalled out. But now that I’m feeling up to doing a bit of writing, that should be solved in good order. In the mean time, I’ve got some excellent Tumblr stuff to tide you over:

And as always, Race for the Iron Throne Volume II is up on Amazon. Please buy it and/or review it!


12 thoughts on “RTFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!

  1. Steven Xue says:

    On the question about English royal bastards. One notable Fitzroy I think you should have mentioned is Geoffrey Fitzroy who was the son of Henry II. I am very certain GRRM based Jon directly off him because their lives are very similar in almost every way. Geoffrey was brought up alongside his legitimate siblings at the English court as an acknowledged bastard of Henry II and some unknown Russian prostitute. Like Jon he was an exceptional warrior and general (he contributed vastly to his father’s campaign against his half brothers), he also joined a celibate order when he reached adulthood and would go on to become Archbishop of York. He also played a big part in the politics of England and for a time became lord chancellor of England and was even considered a candidate for the English throne over his brothers.

  2. thatrabidpotato says:

    The two examples you use of modern Valyrian swords having been taken in battle and kept by the looter are both Ironborn. Coincidence?

  3. beto2702 says:

    About NedxAshara

    Also, consider that Brandon was a wild wolf but I don’t see him as the dbag who encourages his brother to dance with his crush just to have his way with her later in the night.

    One doubt, there’s this theory in reddit that NedxAshara child could have lived and that it could be Allyria Dayne. What do you think of it?

    • fjallstrom says:

      I like the one with Aegon as the child of Ned and Ashara better, with Ashara as the soiled septa. I doubt it will be true, but there is a neat symmetry with Jon and Aegon there.

    • thatrabidpotato says:

      Allyria Dayne was Ashara’s younger sister was she not?

      • beto2702 says:

        Yeah, she is supposed to be. The age fits for her to be Ned and Ashara’s not-stillborn daughter. The Daynes wouldn’t have let Ned take her, and it makes sense that she was raised as Ashara’s sister, and not daughter. The Daynes might have hid her existence from Ned. It is a possibility.

        • thatrabidpotato says:

          If I remember my wiki family trees correctly, she’s only 3 or 4 years younger than Ashara. Regardless, this just seems too much like another crackpot to take very seriously.

  4. Hedrigal says:

    Just in the pure terms of liking the story the most, your account of Ashara and Ned is my favorite so far. I always liked the idea of Ned having had some connection and love for Ashara Dayne, and you’ve come up with an argument with the maximum Pathos it can generate.

  5. Byz says:

    Ned never once thinks of Ashara Dayne in the multiple POVs he has in AGOT; if they had been tragic lovers, surely at least one single thought could be spared for her and their daughter? Especially at the Black Cells? Or does Ned actively repress these memories because of PTSD?

    • beto2702 says:

      Maybe he didn’t thought of her in the moments we shared with him. Maybe she thought a lot about her at other times… when he reads something at the bathroom, mayhaps?

      • Byz says:

        Nah, he really loves Catelyn by the time of AGOT. However, that doesn’t explain why a single thought isn’t spared to Ashara during the entire book. Ned’s plot line basically revolves around bastardy and extra-marital affairs and he’s monologuing the entire time in the black cells. Surely it would have come up at some point.

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