Race for the Iron Throne Volume 2 is Here!


Apologies for my recent silence – I took a plane to California and my laptop didn’t make it and I’ve spent the last six days trapped in a Kafkaesque situation where FedEx’s delivery times slipping and inflexible IT systems meant that I flew from San Francisco to Santa Barbara and couldn’t re-route the package so had to resend it from SF to SB – but now that I have my laptop back I can once again communicate!

And the first thing that I have to communicate is that, after a long and arduous journey, Race for the Iron Throne: Volume 2 is done! Kickstarter backers should have already received their copies (let Marc know if you haven’t), but for anyone who’s looking for a belated holiday present or wasn’t able to contribute to the Kickstarter, the e-book will be submitted to Amazon tonight and should be available for purchase shortly.

EDIT: It’s now available on Amazon! So if you didn’t get a copy before, you can now. And either way, if you could leave a review, that would be greatly appreciated.


14 thoughts on “Race for the Iron Throne Volume 2 is Here!

  1. David Hunt says:

    Congrats of getting the book out into the world! I did indeed receive my copy in the mail last night although I’ve not yet looked at it. I’m looking forward to it as you did some really great writing on ACOK. I found your writing on Sansa’s bravery while a prisoner in King’s Landing especially moving.

  2. Winnief says:

    Good to have you back Steve. Have a wonderful New Year’s.

  3. Stannisthemannis says:

    We Iranians are under US’ sanctions(including Amazon), but I will find this one as I found your previous splendid works. I just want to congratulate you & wish you another productive year. God bless you & yours Maester Attewell.

  4. John W says:

    Picked up a copy.

  5. Matthew Wilson says:

    So should Kickstarter backers have received ebook copies of Race for the Iron Throne, Volume 2? I haven’t had any contact from Kickstarter about this.

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