RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup


Hey folks! Work on Politics of the Westerlands Part II is continuing (currently up to 6800 words!) and should be done by Monday. In the meantime, what do we have on the Tumblrs?


7 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup

  1. winnief says:

    Well one thing’s for sure. If Balon died earlier then there would have been no IB invasion of the North, WF would never have been taken, Bran and Rickons whereabouts would be known, (which makes the Sansa/Tyrion much less likely) and the RW never would have happened.

  2. Grant says:

    So your view is that Aeron’s main reason for calling for a Kingsmoot was to prevent Euron from taking the throne while also not having to empower Asha, not seeing an opportunity to reassert an older political system?

    • winnief says:

      Precisely. Aeron HATED Euron and was determined he should never sit on the Seastone chair. But he was an old fashioned sexist who couldn’t imagine a woman in command either.

    • Hedrigal says:

      Thats pretty much exactly what Aeron says in his own head. His thoughts are totally preocupied with the threat of a woman ruling and a godless man sitting the seastone chair.

    • Keith B says:

      Aeron was certain that a woman couldn’t rule the Iron Islands, so he refused to back Asha. Victarion was so sure a woman couldn’t rule that he refused even to share power with her, after she had offered her support for his own claim. Even though Asha was next in line (with Theon being presumed dead), even though she was her father’s chosen successor, even though she had proven she could captain a ship and win battles, the prejudice against her was so strong that her uncles wouldn’t even consider her as a legitimate candidate. As a result, they got Euron, who was the one person both of them hated more than anyone in the world. Yet people say Balon was stupid.

  3. Steven Xue says:

    About the Dosh Khaleen, I always thought it was created to one, protect the lives of a Khal’s widow and two, as a dumping grounds for them in order to prevent those women from becoming a political threat to any upcoming Khals when their husbands die. I know the Dothraki have this ‘follow the strongest’ type of political mentality, but like many tribal cultures the wives of powerful chieftains could have built up powerful connections among their tribe and could therefore threaten the usual ‘Asskicking equals Authority’ selection process. So upon the death of a Khal, their widow could ally themselves with a Ko or even marry them, therefore allowing them to inherit a good deal of their Khal’s power and give them an unfair advantage over their rivals.

    • Jeyne Doe says:

      Interesting point. I wonder if that also helps prevent weak or young khallakas from becoming khals, since their mothers aren’t there to prop them up.

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