RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!


Hello folks! Davos II is up to 4,000 words and should be ready for Monday, and the Politics of the Westerlands is getting underway, but in the meantime, let’s see what the Tumblrs have in store for us?


11 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!

  1. fjallstrom says:

    I wrote this on the last Tumbler-thread, but it fits better here (since this Tumbler roundup includes what I was commenting about.

    Saw the tumbler discussion about the pink letter and wanted to pitch in my two eurocents.

    Reasons for it to be fake: Handwriting, pink smear instead of clear wax imprint, no skin despite a letter about flaying, knowledge of actions at the wall. Besides, does Winterfell even have ravens to send with Luwin dead and the Dreadfort maester in captivity at Stannis camp?

    Now, none of those are conclusive in and of themselves. But together they paint a picture of a fake. But who then is the writer?

    The writer has knowledge of what is happening at the wall, in Winterfell and has or fakes knowledge of the battle of ice. The writer also has ravens and goads Jon Snow, which if you know him means he will rush of to do something rash, probably bring an army to Winterfell or die trying. The writer also has access to ravens.

    Mance? No, no access to ravens. Last seen fighting.

    Stannis? He has the knowledge (he knows Winterfell through Theon), but it is not his MO to be sneaky.

    So, I am leaning towards the letter being fake, but don’t know who sent it.

    • David Hunt says:

      The no skin bit is easily explained by the letter being sent by RAVEN. The load has to be as light as possible. Also the letter is clearly written by someone who has knowledge of the events at Winterfell and had access to ravens.

      I think the letter is exactly what it looks like: a letter from Ramsay. I even think that he’s telling the truth in it…as far as he knows.

    • Hedrigal says:

      Its also just entirely possible he hand wrote the pink letter, used Dreadfort wax in an effort to demonstrate how really truly Bolton he is, and decided against sending it with skin because he wanted the person he was flaying to have the skin rot in the same room as them or something. Its not like Ramsey is a paragon of consistency.

    • Keith B says:

      A simple question. Do the events of Theon 1 in TWOW occur before or after the events of Jon 13 in ADWD? I think it’s before, and I think that overcomes at least some of the objections to Ramsay having written the Pink Letter.

    • zonaria says:

      One minor point that I don’t think I have seen mentioned – if the author is indeed Ramsay, he has not seen Stannis’ body. Ramsay being Ramsay, he can be relied upon to desecrate it in some way and boast about it, which he does not do. And as we all know, if the body has not been seen…

      • Grant says:

        They’ve got major snow fall (enough to make jumping from a castle wall survivable) to delay any search for the body and the Manderlys could claim he fell into the waters.

  2. They will bend the knee says:

    Side note of useless interest :

    I love that you took a picture from my parents’ home town to illustrate fortified bridges… 😉

  3. Winnief says:

    Thanks for the round-up Steve. Yeah Stanley was a real piece of work. Amazing how many complete slimeballs rose to power thanks to the War of the Roses and the Tudors.

  4. Jeyne Doe says:

    I’ve been catching up on your blog for a while and am finally de-lurking.

    I think that one reason the Baratheons failed in Volcanos was that the Targaryens were no longer considered “real Valyrians.”

    I saw a post once that broke down what percentage of Dany’s ancestry is actually Valyrian, and it was relatively low. In addition to frequently marrying their subjects, the Targaryens have arguably “gone native” culturally, abandoning slavery and worshiping the Seven. They also sided against Volantis during the Century of Blood. All of this might be forgivable if they still had dragons, but they don’t even have dragon eggs. Thus, they are too tainted by the racial and cultural inferiority ascribed to Westerosi to be worthy of an Old Blood bride. (This also explains why the Volantenes don’t seem to have cared when Aerys was deposed, or about the plight of his surviving children until one of them made trouble.)

    TL;DR: Any family that would have met Aerys’s Valyrian-supremacist standards would’ve had even stricter standards, which he would not have met.

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