RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup Returns!


Now that we’ve returned to normal, time to get back into a good rhythm. Things I am currently working on: the Politics of the Riverlands essay (currently @ 8,000 words), outlines for Dany I through Catelyn III (I want to get up to 25% of ASOS), and another one of my People’s History of the Marvel Universe essays (because they’re fun).

In the meantime, because I got a bunch of asks about naval stuff this week for some unknown reason, let’s celebrate Westerosi Fleet Week with a few Tumblr responses:


2 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup Returns!

  1. fjallstrom says:

    I’ve recently read through your CBC and I did notice hopeful description of how the show will be. But I didn’t make a list. I think it was mostly in the comments.

    Anyway, if you do want such a list, my suggestion is to update your first CBC with a request and wait for a new CBC reader to come along.

    Oh, and after reading through your CBC’s I just have to note that the historical equivalent of Hand of the king would be the Frankish Majordomo during the Merovingian dynasty. It did not end well for the Merovingians and they got replaced by their Majordomos, the Carolingians. The Carolingians did not install a similar office of Majordomo, for obvious reasons.

    And one of the Carolingian Majordomos was named Drogo, so that is some indication that there is where Martin found it. If the Merovingians had had dragons, things might have ended differently.

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