RFTIT Weekly Tumblr Roundup!


Hey folks, thanks for all of your great suggestions about podcast topics. Before I get to the Tumblrs, a few announcements:

  1.  The Politics of the Seven Kingdoms – the North essay should be going up at Tower of the Hand and here early this week, probably Tuesday. It’s a biggun, some 25 pages of analysis.
  2. I’ll also be posting a link to the History of Westeros Podcast’s upcoming episodes on Bittersteel, to which I contributed research to, and I’ll be appearing on the second installment to talk about the Golden Company.
  3. As you may have seen in the emails, the first part of the e-book of Race for the Iron Throne, Volume 2 got sent out, and the full e-book will be going out to sponsors as soon as it can be managed, and then later on will be going up on Amazon. We also have new covers for both Volume 1 and 2 thanks to my friend Joanna Lannister, and they look AMAZING.
  4. I’m going to be scaling back my posts a bit for at least part of the next six weeks, as I work to complete manuscript revisions for my academic book that are due on October 1st. I’m not going to go dark completely; as you can see above, there’s content that will be coming out that I’ll be staggering out (plus some stuff like Sansa I and the Politics of the Vale which are already partly written). However, I’m going to put the Tumblr stuff on hiatus and I’m not going to be starting any new essays until the manuscript is sent.

So what do we have on the Tumblrs?


15 thoughts on “RFTIT Weekly Tumblr Roundup!

  1. Tywin of the Hill says:

    We’re going to miss you, Steve.
    What’s your academic book about?

  2. thatrabidpotato says:

    I cannot WAIT to read these big essays. I know they’ll have been worth it, though.
    Best of luck with the school stuff (I’m starting graduate school myself this fall!)

  3. David Hunt says:

    As a tax accountant, I definitely understand that there are times when professional life totally overwhelms everything else you’d rather be doing. You will be missed but still appreciated. You have my best wishes on the professional endeavor.

  4. Haplo-6 says:

    Best of luck SA, and nice smack-down of the Civil War revisionist baloney.

  5. Brett says:

    I really liked your tumblr essay on why the Starbuck Chronicles are bad.

    Do you think the North has the equivalent of hedge knights – i.e. warriors without lands who wander around and maybe swear allegiance to a local lord? Or are they too tightly knit for that?

    I’m going to be scaling back my posts a bit for at least part of the next six weeks, as I work to complete manuscript revisions for my academic book that are due on October 1st.

    Neat. Is it on the New Deal?

  6. John says:

    Do you agree with the theory that Tyrion is Tywin’s only real son while Jaime and Cersei are Targaryen bastards to the Mad King?

    • No. I don’t think any of them are Targs.

      • John says:

        Could you please explain more detailed why you don’t think so despite the many (possible) hints? Or even preferrably write a whole post/Tumblr post/small essay concerning the speculative ancestry of the three Lannister siblings (or could even discuss their relationships and personality on a deeper level if you are keen)? I love reading your analysis of the Song of Ice and Fire and would LOVE to see you do a closer analysis on my three favourite characters, the dysfunctional sibling trio of House Lannister. I know you are busy but this would be my (and hopefully more people’s) biggest request! 🙂

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