RFTIT Weekly Tumblr Roundup!


Hey folks! It’s that time of the week again, so let’s see what’s in the Tumblrs:


26 thoughts on “RFTIT Weekly Tumblr Roundup!

  1. Laural Hill says:

    Why would anyone think Gendry is Cersei’s kid omg that’s worse than Jon Snow having a twin…

  2. thatrabidpotato says:

    If Dragonriding were X chromosome linked, wouldn’t that lead to fewer men than women being riders, seeing as women have 2 X chromosomes to men’s 1?

    • Keith B says:

      Based on the genetics of our world, not necessarily. Dragon-riding ability might be an X-linked recessive, so that men would only need the allele on their one X chromosome, while women would need it on both. That would mean that more men than women would have the trait, even though it was passed on through the female line. Some traits in our world work that way, such as color blindness.

      Based on the genetics of ASOIAF, who knows? It seems to differ from our genetics in some subtle ways.

    • I was referring to X-recessive traits, which show up more often in men than in women precisely because men only have the one whereas women have two.

  3. Why would Sybelle want her daughter to sleep with Robb or marry him? Her family wouldn’t have been in trouble with Tywin just because he took their castle. She didn’t need to fear repraisals just for that. Why would she deliberately cause trouble for her family?

    How was anyone to know for sure that 1) Robb would marry Jeyne just because he slept with her, 2) that would necessarily lead to the Red Wedding, which would require a lot of things to go exactly a certain way, including Robb, Catelyn and others acting exactly as predicted?

    The idea that the whole thing was some complicated conspiracy orchestrated by Tywin and Sybelle strikes me as 1) unlikely, as it requires a lot of anticipating the actions of various people, 2) an example of assigning Tywin incredible, almost godlike powers of planning, control and anticipation of events (fandom also does that with Varys, as with the theory that Varys put Shae in Tywin’s bed), and 3) an attempt by the fandom to relieve Robb of responsibility for his actions, and hoist it all on the Evil Foreign Witchy Woman.

    The far more likely scenario, I think, is that Robb slept with Jeyne, through a conspiracy of no one but teenage hormones and heightened emotions, decided to marry her because he thought that was the right thing to do, and Sybelle naturally feared her family getting Castamered by Tywin, so she agreed to stop her daughter from getting pregnant, in exchange for protection for her family.

    • Tywin of the Hill says:

      Exactly. It’s even canon that Sybelle didn’t know about the Red Wedding.
      Hell, for all Sybelle knew, Robb could have been another Robert Baratheon, sleeping with Jeyne and forgetting about her the next morning. Or marrying her to one of his knights.

    • Keith B says:

      Tywin granted Sybell and her family a pardon, promised marriages for her children including his brother’s bastard daughter for her son Rollam, and made her brother Rolph the Lord of Castamere. Was all that in return for preventing Jeyne from becoming pregnant? That was extraordinarily generous of Tywin. The pardon alone should have been sufficient, since the Westerling forces (what there was of them) went over to Robb’s side. Sybell had to have done more than that to earn such a large reward.

      • Tywin of the Hill says:

        Castamere is a flooded ruin; and a bastard niece is hardly a high price.
        And stopping Robb from having an heir is a huge deal for Tywin. If he had had a son, the Even Younger Wolf would have a claim on Winterfell and Riverrun. That could give Tywin’s buddies a lot of complications. Jaime himself says that Jeyne can be twice as dangerous as Edmure if she escapes.

        • Keith B says:

          Castamere can be restored, and it’s a very valuable holding, with gold and silver mines. As Lord of Castamere, Rolph Spicer becomes one of the more important nobles of the Westerlands. Not a bad gift for someone Tywin regards as merely a jumped up tradesman. And while Sybell takes offense at having her son marry Joy Hill, Jaime has the opposite view, and Tywin undoubtedly had the same feelings as Jaime. Even though she’s illegitimate, Joy is Tywin’s niece, and a link by marriage to the Lannisters is a great advantage for House Westerling. So Sybell is getting a lot out of the deal. If all she did was give her daughter moon tea, it seems to me Tywin overpaid.

          • thatrabidpotato says:

            I got the impression Jaime was upset in that situation because he actually had affection for his little cousin, and because he viewed all the Westerlings as tainted by Sybelle’s scumminess.

      • Agreed. This is Tywin, who is legendarily tight-fisted.

    • Sean C. says:

      The aspect of this plot that never made any sense to me is, how did Tywin and Sybelle arrange all this? If it’s supposed to have happened after he took the castle, how was she able to communicate with him? If it was arranged beforehand, that requires truly stupendous good fortune for it to have worked.

      • Coded messages sent by raven.

        • Sean C. says:

          Why would she have been allowed to send ravens to anywhere Tywin would be able to obtain those messages?

          • David Hunt says:

            It’s my understanding that there’s at least good PR that maesters owe their to the castle they serve rather than the family that traditionally owns it. We see this in Luwen who gives Theon grudging but still good counsel after he takes Winterfell, despite his clear sympathies for the Starks.

            If Sybelle knew that the maester at the Crag was loyal enough to them personally, maybe that would work.

          • Daenerys Targaryen says:

            I am just a young girl and know little of such matters, but I would have thought that when you capture an enemy position you should be sure to secure his communications as well. Otherwise intelligence about the size, composition, condition and leadership of your forces might find its way to people you don’t want to see it.

    • I think Sybelle was thinking that: A. if Robb is going to win, then having Jeyne as his mistress at minimum would help their house survive the fall of House Lannister, and that B. if Tywin’s going to win, then Jeyne gives her a chip she can play to get into Tywin’s good graces.

      As for marrying Jeyne, culturally she’d be in a pretty good position to insist if Robb deflowers her daughter while a guest under her own roof.

      I don’t think the conspiracy is that unlikely at all. Sybelle writes to Tywin saying that she’s got Robb under her roof, and while she’s not going to kill Robb, because of the threat of reprisals against her, she’s willing to take advice from Tywin as to what to do. Tywin, who’s already working on getting Roose and Walder to stab Robb in the back, realizes that he can use this to get Walder on board, and tells her to compromise the boy.

  4. They will bend the knee says:

    But ravens take days, if not weeks, to travel from one place to another, this scenario makes it sound like they were instant messaging on facebook.

    • Actually the show not only gives you the impression of teleportation (what with Varys disappearing in Essos, appearing in Dorne, and re-appearing on the hull of Daenery’s boat) – but that a raven = whatsapp.

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