RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!


Three in a row…that’s not good. In my defense, Tyrion I is now up to 5900 words and I’m almost done with the Political Analysis section, so I hope to have that up on Monday.

So what do we have on the ol’ Tumblrs?


9 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!

  1. winnief says:

    Ita that Ned never would have let the taking of KL get as bloody as Tywin did. Not just out of compassion but because it wasn’t even the smart long term play either, ESPECIALLY the murders of Elia and her babies. Tywin always said was just cold logic but I think Oberyn was right and he was acting partly out of vengeance for perceived slights.

    • Grant says:

      There was a logic to the death of the children, but they could have potentially been handled other ways (the Wall, Silent Sisters etc) if you’re willing to take the chance. Elia herself was purely illogical and probably out of vengeance despite Tywin’s protests of not knowing Amory and Gregor well.

      • David Hunt says:

        I’ve not yet read the whole of WOIAF, but it’s my understanding that Lorch was one Tywin’s hatchetmen when he exterminated the Reynes and the Tarbecks. Tywin must have known exactly who he was dealing with there. Of course it was the young knight Clegane, not Lorch who killed Aegon (and Elia) and I think that they each had specific targets assigned to them. Still I think that this was just Tywin giving himself cover that would allow him to throw Gregor under the bus if Elia’s murder blew up in his face. He told Tyrion that he didn’t understand just what he had in Gregor Clegane yet, but I simply don’t believe Tywin would have hand picked Gregor for such an important task if he didn’t have a really good read on the man.

        tl;dr I agree that Tywin ordered Elia’s death and that Tywin even told Gregor to make her suffer. Whether he specifically ordered her rape…given what he did to Tyrion’s wife and his father’s mistress, I’m inclined to say he did. Tywin has a marked tendency to go for sexual humiliation when he’s dealing with woman enemies.

        • Keith B says:

          There’s no good evidence for that. Tywin denies it to Tyrion, Lorch is dead, and Clegane never admitted it. The only reason to suppose that Tywin deliberately ordered the murder of Elia is that he’s known to hold a grudge. That’s not sufficient by itself. It could well be that the explanation he gave to Tyrion was the truth.

          • David Hunt says:

            I’m not trying to convict him in a trial or anything. It’s just my opinion and I stated my reasons for believing it. I fully admit that they’re not definitive and someone could very reasonably believe what Tywin told Tyrion at their meeting. Heck, a year ago I believed Tywin’s version of events. Now, I’ve got more “respect” for Tywin’s ability to hold a grudge and think that Tywin had reasons to hold back damaging info from Tyrion since he had marginalized his hated son and was likely to keep marginalizing him more. Still he could have been telling the truth. I just don’t believe it.

  2. Crystal says:

    I’d say Petyr Baelish is spending a lot of his ill-gotten gain on schmancy tournaments and stockpiling grain *now.* I wonder, though, how much of his theft started out with him going, “I’m stealing money! From my so-called betters! Ha ha, this proves that I am better than them, and, in fact, am the smartest guy around!”

    LF didn’t start out with a clear objective on what he wanted to spend money on. He got a rush out of putting one over on the likes of the Arryns and Baratheons. Now, of course, Littlefinger is bribing the Lords Declarant, trying to buy a husband for his “daughter,” and buying up food supplies (which I predict Sansa will use to feed the North and Riverlands). But those weren’t his objectives when he started – I don’t know that he knew what he wanted to do with his loot beyond self-enrichment.

  3. Jim B says:

    ” if we’re going by official cadets, I think the Lannisters win it with the Lannisters of Lannisport, the Lannys of Lannisport, the Lannetts of Lannisport, the Lantells of Lannisport, and any number of unimaginative relations”

    One wonders if they have similarly unimaginative slogans*: “a Lanny always meets his obligations,” “a Lantell never defaults,” etc.

    *Yes, I know that the official Lannister words are “Hear Me Roar,” not “a Lannister always pays his debts”

  4. thatrabidpotato says:

    I really hope the North gets to keep the Riverlands in the end, and all the other kingdoms shatter to the way they were at the time of the Conquest. I think that would be the greatest justice of them all- the North taking all these blows and somehow finishing as the undisputed great power in Westeros.

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