RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup


Hello folks! Arya I is done and dusted, Politics of the Seven Kingdoms Part II is getting close to being finished, so that means it’s time for some Tumblrs:

Have a nice weekend!


5 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup

  1. Crystal says:

    Re six prisoners: Prison wasn’t a punishment until the later 18th century. Until then, it was a place to hold people until their trial or punishment so they didn’t run away. So people who didn’t die in prison (a distinct possibility given the poor sanitation and diet) cycled through quickly. Yoren probably caught the KL jail on a slow day.

    And, as Steven pointed out, candidates for the Night’s Watch had to be male and reasonably able-bodied. Then as now, the vast majority (>95%) of prisoners would have been male, but the “reasonably able bodied” part was a different matter. That sellsword was on his last legs, as evidenced by the fact he died on the journey, but Yoren thought he was worth taking a chance on – if he recovered, a man who knew how to use weapons would have been an asset.

    No prison-industrial complex = slim pickings for Yoren. I’m sure he had to take who he could get. (I wonder just what “Jaqen” did to wind up in the black cells?) I mean, Yoren took BITER, and you’d have to be desperate to think that Biter would be useful at the wall or indeed any other place.

    • Grant says:

      It’s a question of whether Jaqen wanted to be there or not. It is possible that he screwed up, and so far he hasn’t shown interest in going to the Wall, but given the established powers and education Faceless Men have, he probably could have left without much trouble.

      • Crystal says:

        I think that’s a very interesting question – did Jaqen screw up, or did he purposely get put in the black cells? And why? And did he want to get sent to the Wall – to check on the Others, to see if this Jon Snow character was really Jon Targaryen, because he wanted to do some winter recreation? I’m sure we’ll learn more about Jaqen (or “Jaqen” because he’s “Pate” now) in TWOW; I’d like to know why he turned up where and when he did.

        • Grant says:

          Jon isn’t very likely. If it he did want to be captured and sent North, I’d guess that maybe it was about the Others or the Horn.

  2. Grant says:

    Without the presence of the Others scaring everyone to hell, do you think the villages closest to the Wall would have supported Mance’s call to fight? They must have had some kind of economic ties to the Night’s Watch and it sounds like they would have developed different cultures and politics than the nomadic groups.

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