Talking Game of Thrones Season 6 With PoorQuentyn

As discussed on Twitter, PoorQuentyn and I decided to do an impromptu podcast to talk about Season 6 of HBO’s Game of Thrones as a whole. Here you go:

Apologies for the sound quality being a bit echoey; I’m very new to the technical side of podcasting and there’s a bit of a learning curve.


14 thoughts on “Talking Game of Thrones Season 6 With PoorQuentyn

  1. Brett says:

    Euron’s storyline is just the weirdest to parse. They’re obviously not going with the Eldritch Terror, so . . . . a botched sack of Oldtown, maybe because Randall Tarly will be there with some of his men being extremely pissed off that his son stole his sword?

    Definitely feels like we’re going to get some irritating forced-personal-conflict between Sansa and Jon next season, although maybe not “Dornish Arc” irritating.

  2. Trevor says:

    From a technical standpoint, I would say watch your mouse. The clicking might be more audible than you want it to be.

    I don’t know enough about TV production and actor contracts to really judge things appropriately. Does Maisie Williams have to be in 80% of episodes/season? Is that why we got the 3 or 4 stick fights? Do they need to give Rory McCann a set number of episodes and so is that why he got a story that went pretty much nowhere besides “Hey, the Hound’s not dead”?

    D&D clearly went to simplify everyone’s problems this season and I don’t know that it’s a bad thing. Seemingly, the High Sparrow is the only problem in KL for Cersei. The whole idea that maybe six seasons of war have put a drain on the kingdom’s economy and the Iron Bank might have something to say about that has been discarded. In it’s place we get Lena Headey or Diana Rigg or Natalie Dormer going up against Jonathan Pryce, which is frankly a lot of fun to watch and works really well on screen. Would some mention of the economics have been nice? Sure. But I don’t know that Mace going back and forth to the Iron Bank is the best use of screen time, or really adds to Cersei et al.’s character moments (not to mention establishing that the Iron Bank has the power to make defaulting on it very bad).

    I think I might be at a good place with the show just showing me the highlights of the conflicts, and then going to the book to see the underlying politics and math and getting more nuanced portrayals of the conflicts.

  3. Keith B says:

    Daenerys now has a gigantic army of Dothraki and Unsullied. She has a huge navy of Ironborn. She has the only air force in the world, with three dragons. The Reach and Dorne, nearly half of the military strength of Westeros, are on her side. Most of the rest, the North, Vale and Riverlands, is in no position to oppose her. She has two of the three shrewdest political actors in Westeros as her advisers. Nearly all of the kingdom loathes and fears Cersei. She has only two people she can count on, Qyburn and Zombie Gregor. Even Jaime and the remnants of the Lannister army are now unreliable, and in any case they have no chance against the massive forces they’re facing. The upcoming invasion would appear to have all the excitement and suspense of a football match between the Denver Broncos and a team of ten year olds.

    The contest is so lopsided that Daenerys just has to be headed for a disastrous failure, or at least a major setback. What will it be?

  4. lige says:

    A giant storm – either natural or “magical”. I think its the natural occurence whenever a massive armada is assembled.

  5. Steven, Please do more things like podcasts. Your is a trully and interesting view on the source material. Dare I say, unique. Only you and History of Westeros have a legitimate open hearted, analytical aproach. But not only that, you also bring a very interesting point of view from political theory and political history.

    The most interesting thing I ever read from the fandom was you talking about currency and State building, during the Blackfyre rebelion.

  6. somniture says:

    This is a treasure. Thank you!

    FYI: Headset (phones+mic) would eliminate the feedback and tamp down on the mouse clicks. The Wirecutter generally does a good job with recommendations.

  7. […] I recently updated my recording setup and my audio quality has much improved since I did the Battle of Blackwater podcast, I’ve been thinking about doing some one-off […]

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