Quick Status Update

Hey folks, just a quick update: I’m going on vacation for the next three weeks. I’ll have access to wireless, but not constantly, and due to the time-zone change the podcast will have to be put on hold. Posting speed will experience a slow-down, although I plan to do some writing while I’m not visiting with relatives and seeing the sights.

Normal service will return mid-June.


12 thoughts on “Quick Status Update

  1. Andrew says:

    Gods willing, enjoy your trip.

  2. Hiram Abiff says:

    Please enjoy a well-deserved vacation! Also, is there any chance of a RFIT summer watch party/meet up?

  3. artihcus022 says:

    Have fun.

  4. Ethan says:


  5. Ser Friendzone says:

    Does that gif mean that you’re kidnapping someone for your vacation or you’re being kidnapped?

    Enjoy your time off!

  6. winnief says:

    Have fun Steve! We’ll miss you!

  7. blah4221 says:

    Have you been doing podcasts all this season? All I’ve seen was the one you and SEK did after The Red Woman. Anyway, have fun on holiday.

  8. wat barleycorn says:

    You need to post where you are going so we can give you recommendations and insider tips!

    My tip: don’t touch the stone men. Or kidnap anybody, no matter how much you think it will impress a lady.

    • Keith B says:

      If this is advice time, then:
      1. Stay away from the fighting pits
      2. Don’t stand in front of an angry dragon
      3. Be wary of dangerous blondes

  9. James says:

    You will be greatly missed, I love this blog so it’ll be hard to let go (even if it’s just for a few weeks) 🙂 Enjoy your vacation Steve!

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