RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!


Hey folks! It’s that time of the week again. Work has started on Tyrion XV (quotes have been put in, but that’s it atm), but that one is going to take some time because I had a nasty cold that really slowed me down this week and I’m running late on some stuff.

So what do we have on Tumblr?


9 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!

  1. bookworm1398 says:

    On the Dornish question:
    In Heyer’s world, a lady is supposed to be faithful to her husband until the first son is born. After that, anything goes. I could see Dorne having a custom like that.

    • Sean C. says:

      Also, while Dorne definitely is more sexually liberated, I don’t know that you can take that so far as to say that they’re fine with people openly taking paramours while married (especially women).

      Oberyn has a paramour, but he’s not married, and we know he was enraged by Rhaegar’s crowning Lyanna as Queen of Love and Beauty. Maybe that’s just hypocrisy Oberyn’s part, but it’s not suggestive of a culture that is totally cool with open marital infidelity. The “ask” in question cites Arianne being fine with having a paramour, but then goes on to note that Arianne isn’t married, which is a rather important distinction.

      • Crystal says:

        Partly Oberyn was outraged on his sister’s behalf. I think the very public nature of Rhaegar crowning Lyanna as QOLAB was another – I think even the Dornish would agree that a man – especially a crown prince – should honor a legal wife before a mistress when it comes to ceremony. Aegon the Conqueror had two wives, and was well known to have loved Rhaenys much more than Visenya, but he never deprived Visenya of her position as a queen or her public power. Rhaegar publicly humilated Elia, and that would be hard for a loving brother to forgive.

        I do agree that paramours seem to be more accepted among the unmarried, even in Dorne. As I see it, Dornish men and women keep partners as paramours when they can’t marry that partner for mostly social reasons. Oberyn can’t marry Ellaria Sand because she is a bastard and he is a prince; Arianne can’t marry Daemon Sand because, again, he is a bastard and she a princess, and then Arys Oakheart is a Kingsguard (and technically can’t be anyone’s paramour either).

    • Keith B says:

      “A lady is supposed to be faithful to her husband until the first son is born”

      And if the first son later dies, then what happens?

  2. Space Oddity says:

    Regarding the Edward II/Daeron II issue–the comment seems based on the popular idea that Edward’s supposed “homosexuality”, which is a bit more complicated then people realize, is what caused him troubles as king. It wasn’t, however–what caused Edward trouble was an attitude towards rule that seems almost to have been based on a downright resentment towards being the king of England. A king who ignores his duties at best, and sends his favorites out to commit banditry in his name at worst is going to have a problematic reign.

    • Crystal says:

      My knowledge of Edward II comes mostly from Alison Weir’s bio of his wife Isabella. In addition to being a terrible king as far as duties and ceremony are concerned, it seems that Edward was a terrible husband as well. He confiscated Isabella’s property and revenues to give to the Despensers, and – according to Weir – allowed Hugh Despenser the Younger to get away with *raping* Queen Isabella. Naturally Isabella was not happy with this, so off she goes to France with her own paramour and the Prince of Wales, to beg for money and an army from her brother, the King. And the rest, as they say, is history, though Edward II being murdered with a red-hot poker where the sun don’t shine is a myth. (You have to read Weir to find out what she thinks really happened to Edward. It’s much more interesting than the myth!)

      Daeron at least wanted to be a good king and tried his best. (As opposed to his son Aerys I who didn’t give a rat’s patootie about kingly duties – he’s much closer in that regard to Edward II.) And his marriage to Mariah Martell was happy and faithful; Mariah, unlike Isabella, was a trusted partner in her marriage, from what I can tell.

      If anything, allowing his wife to be mistreated and alienating people left and right sounds like *Rhaegar*.

      • Space Oddity says:

        The rape thing is… well, classic Allison Weir rampant speculation. But yes, Edward was… well, essentially setting Isabella to be murdered by the Despensers, and if he hadn’t agreed to let her go to France with Prince Edward to pay homage to the King of France for Gascony–it’s a long story–it’d have likely happened.

        So, yeah, I don’t necessarily blame her and Mortimer for turning the tables on Edward.

  3. winnief says:

    Ot but I was wondering when you’d be doing the Kingsmoot essay since I’m super hyped to discuss it and since its happening this season.

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