RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!


Hey folks, it’s that time of the week again (and I have to make up for missing last week too)! Work on Theon VI is underway, I expect that one to be up on Monday as well, so hopefully we’re back to the regular schedule as coursework becomes a bit more manageable. In the meantime, what do we have on Tumblr?


15 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!

  1. Winnief says:

    Theon Vs. Kylo Ren is hysterical! Makes me wonder if Kylo will start losing some pieces too in the future…Another comparison is that they both show an interest in dominating women and something like sexual violence namely Kylo’s attempt to mentally rape Rey-which totally backfires on him.

    And both are overshadowed and outclassed by female relatives who are CLEARLY superior to them in terms of competence-female relatives that in both cases they have a creepy attraction to.

    ITA with all your planned public works for KL. The lack of a fire brigade may prove especially hazardous.

    Yeah, being unmasked might shock Southerners but it wouldn’t hurt Lyanna much in the North…or in Dorne for that matter.

    Winterfell as a Tolstoy novel…LOL!

    Can totally picture those Septs.

    Like the parallel between the Jews and the Slaves. So that makes Dany a Jesus figure only much more violent and with giant, flying, fire breathing lizards.

    Looking forward to Theon VI.

  2. Karl says:

    I scrolled quickly and read “repressed memories in Planetos”. Then I clicked and was disappointed. You really got my hopes up for a R’hllor-worshipping Daycare in Pentos.

  3. thatrabidpotato says:

    Have I mentioned how much I despise the Farce Awakens and Disney canon? Losing an amazing villain like Darth Caedus and having him replaced by Emo Ren was/is disgraceful. Not to mention losing the equally amazing Jaina Solo and having her replaced by Walking Plot Device Rey.

    The KL and Winterfell sections here are interesting though.

    I’ve always kind of been shocked that Lyanna WASN’T unhorsed at Harrenhall, whether in her first three tilts or later.

  4. Crystal says:

    I think that if there were girls fostered at Winterfell to be Sansa’s and Arya’s companions, that might have made a positive difference in their relationship, though it might make Arya less close with Jon. If Arya had Wylla Manderly and Alys Karstark as her pals, she wouldn’t have had Jon as her closest friend, BUT, with close friends of similar temperament, she wouldn’t have felt so inferior to Sansa.

    Meanwhile, if Sansa had Wynafryd Manderly in her household, there would have been an older girl of equal station as her friend – someone for her to look up to (a “satisfactory” sister figure to take the heat off Arya) and at the same time, someone high-born enough to say “Okay, enough, knock it off” when Sansa and Jeyne ganged up on Arya.

    I think it was an oversight on GRRM’s part to not give Sansa, or Cersei for that matter, a high-born female household. Queens normally had a lot of ladies-in-waiting and maids of honor – positions in a queen’s household were fiercely coveted, and these women were expected to advance the interests of their relatives; in return they learned courtly manners and accomplishments, and the queen often arranged their marriages. Sansa and Margaery might have been in Cersei’s household from the first. That would have been interesting.

    • thatrabidpotato says:

      Why not have had Eddara Tallhart as Arya’s companion? They’re the same age.

      • Crystal says:

        I’d forgotten about her. Wylla and Alys were the ones I remembered. In any case, if Arya and Sansa both had noble girl companions, that might butterfly away a lot of what happened on the Kingsroad – Arya wouldn’t be play-fighting with Mycah, but would be playing (not necessarily fighting) with Alys/Wylla/Eddara, and even Joffrey couldn’t have a nobly-born girl killed like poor Mycah. Sansa wouldn’t be able to go off alone with Joffrey as she’d most likely have Wynafryd with her. So Lady would live, and Nymeria would not be driven off, and Mycah would be chopping meat.

        In KL, Arya wouldn’t be able to do as much eavesdropping, and I don’t know if she’d have Syrio as a water dancing tutor. Sansa might not tell Cersei of Ned’s plans to get her and Arya out of the city, out of resentment. I don’t know how much of a difference that made in the long run, though – Ned was the one who doomed Ned’s plans. It may be that the Lannisters would have a lot more hostages in KL – Sansa, Arya, and all their companions.

  5. Winnief says:

    BTW, I liked your latest piece on Cap in the 60’s Steve and look forward to your thoughts on Sam Wilson. FYI, I LOVE Anthony Mackie’s performance of the role and am happy they took out the drug dealer/former pimp angle from the character for the movies.

    • Thanks! Oh man, the early Falcon stuff is so weird on so many levels. The fact that Cap and Falcon first met when Cap was inside the Red Skull’s body (b/c the Red Skull had his hands on the Cosmic Cube and was functionally God but was wasting his time trying to mentally break Captain America) is not the weirdest aspect.

      • Space Oddity says:

        The “Snap Wilson” persona was brought into “correct” the earlier version, which the writer thought was too Uncle Tomish.

        You have my permission to facepalm.

        • Winnief says:

          Oh, yeah because there was no WAY anyone would be offended by making one of the first black superheroes out to be a former street thug and pimp. Massive eye roll.

          And if you think Sam Wilson is the LEAST bit of an “Uncle Tom” you’re not paying attention. So yeah, I like the movie version of his background-and how he meets and bonds with Steve, a helluva better for establishing the nature of the dynamic.

  6. Grant says:

    We do see the Lamb Men, who are often raided for slaves, and there’s mention made of islanders who are attacked as well so the slaves probably come from stock of oppressed people (plus the generations born into slavery). The Rhoynar had to flee to Westeros, and there a number of the First Men who were defeated by the Andals, plus the Wildlings who in a strange way may have actually been shielded by the Wall from rule by the more southern lords.

  7. KrimzonStriker says:

    I’m rereading through the books in preparation for Winds this year (hopefully) alongside your essay analysis. And I know we’ve had this disagreement before regarding Jon and his reform efforts of the Watch. But going back to his very first chapter in GoT I think you don’t give Jon enough credit on the empathy level/observation skills/understanding he has carrying over in ADWD. I generally feel he zeroes in on a lot of the ill feelings in the Watch during ADWD as I go through it again and read through his conversations Bowen and other staff members. But Jon’s walking a tight rope trying to overcome thousands of years of prejudice on both sides of the aisle in only a few short months while trying to manage the logistics of said reforms, AND trying to deal with an impending crisis that is literally rising as fast as people are dying in the form of the Others. And that lack of time is probably the biggest reason I don’t feel your criticisms of Jon not establishing the ground work to create bye in from his brothers are entirely fair. Just like you’ve responded against the criticisms Ned or Robb by putting their mistakes in a more understandable light, so too do I think the benefit of the doubt needs to be given to Jon as we consider his own circumstances at the time.

    In many ways I think Jon comes closer to emulating Daeron II rather than his personal hero Dareon I during his tenure as Lord Commander in an amusing bit of irony, he was never going to get his political objectives through without opposition in the end, how much or how little opposition is the only thing that varies. And I feel that the same level of implementation you suggest with Dany and Meeren (aka tear down the traditional order completely) is perhaps even MORE necessary with Jon given the looming crisis he has to deal with concerning the Others and how limited his resources are to make it happen in comparison to Dany.

  8. Winnief says:

    OT, but something I’ve been thinking a lot about Steve, is the eerie comparisons between Donald Trump and Euron Greyjoy.

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