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Hey folks! It’s that time of the week again. Now that Arya X is done, it’s on to Sansa VIII, which is going to have some fun political stuff in it and some horseplay in the throne room.

In the mean time,  let’s see what we have on the Tumblrs:


26 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup

  1. poorquentyn says:

    Can’t wait for your 10,000 word dissection of that “one big pile of shit,” to steal from Jurassic Park.

  2. Crystal says:

    I recall that Arya can speak and read some Valyrian – she deciphers glyphs in, or on the way to, Braavos. I am sure this means Sansa was taught Valyrian, as well, especially since she is described as the book-smart one of the family and being trained for a great marriage (though she has had no opportunity, yet, to demonstrate any knowledge of that language). I think the sons and daughters of Great Houses and prestigious houses like the Hightowers, Royces, Penroses, etc. learn Valyrian – some more than others.

  3. Winnief says:

    Great tidbits as usual Steve.

    I especially like your take on Asha Greyjoy who I consider a much more problematic character than many of her fans do. I saw a lot of her arc in ADWD as her finally being confronted with some hard truths. That the IB destroyed much of the crops in their conquest which has left them without food. That the soft and weak main landers are actually strong resistance fighters who LOATHE the Iron Born. And that House Greyjoy are not respected but actively despised. She’s still trying to build mental walls around herself to avoid facing the full implications of such realizations, but I think Martin’s plan for her is to eventually confront reality. It also seemed like being rejected at the Kingsmoot seriously hurt her own sense of identity. I’ll be very, VERY interested in your take on that later on.

    • Very much this. I never understood why being the least bad Greyjoy made her a fan favorite.

      • Winnief says:

        Maybe because the world of Planetos makes us all lower our standards for human behavior considerably?

        Actually in all seriousness, I think Asha to an extent is popular because she feeds so easily into the Action Girl/Pirate Queen trope that’s so popular in fantasy…but I think a lot of readers fail to grasp that she’s actually a deconstruction and subversion of that very trope. (Conversely, one of the reasons Sansa is so often and so unfairly maligned is because she represents classical femininity which is often despised.)

        As has been noted before the show’s version of Asha-aka Yara is toned down a bit from the books and many readers have complained she isn’t nearly as ‘badass,’ or charismatic. First of all, I think that complaint sells Gemma’s performance short, (not to mention the brilliance of the Greyjoy family dynamics on screen,) but I also think that part of the point for D&D is that you’re NOT supposed to admire ANYONE in the Greyjoy family. In fact the show seems to skewer the whole concept of the Old Way and Iron Price even MORE mercilessly than do the books. That’s why you get Theon reminding Balon that Balon gave Theon away. Why you get Theon’s YOLO speech before being betrayed by his own men.

        And it’s why you even get Ramsay Bolton of all people making this entirely accurate observation about the Greyjoy mascot.

        “Krakens…strong. As long as they’re in the sea. But when they come out of the water. No bones! They collapse under their proud weight into a heap of nothing. You’d think they’d know that. Unfortunately, they’re not very bright.”

  4. Space Oddity says:

    Regarding Janos Slynt–I think it’s easy to forget that social prejudice asides, butchers were quite well-to-do in the medieval world. In Paris, for example, they were one of major guilds, who received loads of privileges from the Crown. It comes from being a profession that supplied rich people with meat, and oh, yes, had to carry bladed tools about to function.

    • Oh absolutely. They helped keep the lesser guilds in their place, so they got perks.

      • Space Oddity says:

        Ehh, not so reliably. (Yeah, there was the instance in Florence, but that was more putting the lower guilds down–for the benefit of the upper guilds.) Butchers and smiths had a rather frightful tendency to wind up leading peasant’s revolts. So the idea was to keep them placated.

    • Steven Xue says:

      Janos Slynt being the son of a butcher reminds me of how Cardinal Wolsey came from similar humble beginnings as he too was the son of a butcher, and was able to move beyond his social station in life and rose to the position of Lord Chancellor of England under Henry VIII. And both used their positions to increase their own wealth and status at the expense of others. Although Wolsey was actually very competent at his job and worked hard to rise through the ranks in the English government while Slynt was just at the right place at the right time.

  5. Grant says:

    Ned did take Robb and Jon up at one point when they were young I believe. Jon and Mance talk about how Mance kept their misbehavior there a secret.

    I assume it didn’t happen very often because it’s still a distance away, does have a large number of bad apples and there’s a lot of work and education to be done at home. Bran and Rickon didn’t go up because they were too young before everything went to hell and Sansa and Arya didn’t because I suspect that no one would think that young girls should go up around the Wall.

    • I thought that was Mance visiting Winterfell?

      • Winnief says:

        Yeah, Mance visited Winterfell once when he was in the NW-then makes a return journey for Robert’s visit as well, with Mance disguising himself as a lute player. Mance just LOVES that Bael the Bard story.

    • thatrabidpotato says:

      That was Mance visiting Winterfell, twice. First when he was part of a group of crows escorting LC Qorgyle to WF when Robb and Jon were around 6 or 7, and then later in AGOT.

  6. Winnief says:

    Winter has Come. All of you stay safe in the storm.

  7. I love your work and don’t want to sound churlish but you might want to invest in a mute button for podcasts. That or a straight jacket because you make a ton of noise when you’re not talking.

    I enjoy your insights and part of the reason I finally got around to finishing Jessica Jones was the podcast but…yeah, mute button.

  8. Winnief says:

    Thanks for another Marvel comics analysis Steve!

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