And now for something (somewhat) different…

Credit to Bob Al-Greene

Hey folks! Still working on Arya X – I’m up to 5,000 words, chugging through the last of the Political Analysis section – so in the meantime, I thought I’d throw up some other stuff I’ve been working on:





10 thoughts on “And now for something (somewhat) different…

  1. John W says:

    The third link is broken.

  2. Winnief says:

    I was just coming here to post on how much I’ve enjoyed that series at LGM.

    I do hope that we get your thoughts on Civil War the movie when it comes out. For what its worth while Marvel studios has had some missteps, I always thought they did an *excellent* job of adapting Cap. And Chris Evans has been absolutely perfect in the role.

  3. Sean C. says:

    As a Canadian, I’ve always enjoyed that in the X-Men universe the Canadian government is one of the most evil organizations on the planet and has a limitless budget for mutant-related experiments.

    • winnief says:

      Lol! Well hey at least Marvel’s most popular mutant was a Canuck.

      Just wanted to add how much I appreciate that Caps commando pals in the comics AND the movie were an interracial and international crowd. And of course Steve’s best friend and partner Sam Wilson aka the Falcon was the 1st black superhero. (The black panther was the first to have his own comic.)

      • I just got up to the introduction of the Falcon, actually, but I’m not sure your dates are right there. The Falcon’s first appearance was in 1969, whereas the Black Panther’s first appearance was in 1966.

        • Winnief says:

          Auggghhh!!!! My mistake. Still I always thought Sam Wilson was a great character in any event and he and Steve made quite the Buddy-Buddy detective team.

          • Oh, he’s awesome. His first appearance is a bit strange – Cap’s in Red Skull’s body, and they’re on this island ruled by Red Skull’s lieutenants who are all really weird, and Cap trains him to be a super-hero.

          • winnief says:

            Have to say I kinda prefer the movies version of their first meeting and how they bond over their mutual ptsd and struggle adapting to civilian life. Mackie is of course excellent-loved him in Hurt Locker and in Behanding at Spokane with Chris Walken and Sam Rockwell which i saw on Broadway.

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