RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!


Hey folks! Arya X isn’t ready yet, because I’ve been crazy-busy preparing for the start of the Spring semester (teaching two classes this semester, one of them is new and takes a lot of prep work). But I have been working on it, and in the meantime I’ve got some great Tumblr responses for you:

Also, if you are interested in the intersection between politics and comic books, I’ve started a new blogging feature you might enjoy.


13 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!

  1. Grant says:

    On the finger dance, young fools still play games like chicken and Russian roulette today. A good number of Darwin Awards come from people deciding to prove their superiority by needlessly exposing themselves to serious danger.

    And with the interesting Captain America look, this was made just after about a decade of major economic decline that uprooted a good portion of the nation and spread extremism and instability across the world. Rich men trying to avoid paying taxes would feel both unpatriotic and extremely selfish to the people who had just grown up without work and the guarantees it brings.

  2. winnief says:

    Thanks for the updates Steve. For the record I LOVE your analysis of Steve Rodgers as a New Deal democrat from Brooklyn (before Brooklyn became gentrified!)

    Genteel poverty is indeed a very real phenomenon.

    Like the idea of multiple heroes in the last battle for the dawn. Against an omni-cidal threat as powerful as the Others you’d NEED them. The Dragon has three heads…

  3. Crystal says:

    I recall Dolorous Edd saying his family lived almost like smallfolk. I’m actually surprised we don’t see more outright impoverished nobles in the series – younger sons of younger sons probably slid down the class ladder pretty quickly unless they were good tourney or household knights, or entered the Faith or the Citadel, or became stewards (Vayon Poole seems to have been another aristocrat driven to work for a living, as Jeyne does have a coat of arms).

    The Vale appears to have had the most impoverished nobility per capita – Petyr Baelish, Anya Waynwood and House Corbray were all mentioned as lacking funds, and then there were the aforementioned poor branch of the Tollett family. I bet arable land is at a premium in the Vale due to its size and the mountains, and their proud knightly culture means that working for a living is very looked down on. OTOH the Westerlands have their gold mines, and the North has enough land so that younger sons can be given keeps.

    • Steven Xue says:

      Well House Waxley do produce scented candles which they sell so not all of them seem to disdain commercial means of making money.

  4. SpaceSquid says:

    Whilst I’m completely on board with the Others being totally evil, I’m not particularly convinced we can take the fact they enslaved a bear as evidence of them being vastly worse than people who took hundreds of horses into the unbearable freezing north with dudes on their back and stuck metal stars into them when they didn’t move fast enough.

    Hell, if the bear was already dead I’d say the Others have a massive edge up on humanity in how they treat their livestock. #ForgetTheBear

  5. “How much could one banana cost?…$10?”

    One of my top ten lines of the series.

  6. Winnief says:

    When might we hope to be blessed with another update Steve?

    Less than eleven weeks to go for the Season 6 premiere….

  7. Max says:

    I really like these posts, especially those regarding the difficulties in satisfying the vassal’s requirements and how the North also has it own version of power politics. If you were Ned Stark and you or your children didn’t die, what marriages would you make in the following conditions?
    A) To help increase House Stark’s strength in the North/Get your economic development plan through
    B) To increase the strength of the Southron Alliance houses

    Also, where do you think Castle Cerwyn is located, the obvious location I thought would be the intersection of the Kingsroad and the White Knife branch? Thus giving it ultimate say in and ability to control trade along the road.
    Finally, for one of your what if’s, what would happen if Renly had taken Crakehall with his 80-90 thousand men (possibly more by placing Redwyne strength under a different banner), and then split his host into two (any disposition) with Tarly as commander of the branch ravaging the westerlands, and Renly towards KL? Seems logical and non-presentism, given that the Lannisters are his principal enemies at the time. He knows Starks are coming south, but for war against Lannisters not him.
    Thanks and sorry for all the questions, you have really good insight into the things that are left unsaid in the text.

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