RFTIT Weekly Tumblr Roundup


Hey, folks! This one’s going up a little later than normal, because I’m actually still on vacation (although I go back home on Monday and will start seriously preparing to teach next semester then). However, I’ve still had time to add quotes to Dany V, Arya X (which I am incredibly excited for), and Sansa VIII, so work will begin on those shortly.

In the mean time, Tumblrs:


17 thoughts on “RFTIT Weekly Tumblr Roundup

  1. thatrabidpotato says:


    That aside, great stuff as per the usual. Thanks for telling me about the Chevalier de Bayard, I’ll have to remember that.

  2. Keith B says:

    Regarding Hizdahr and the locusts.

    The chapter does say that Hizdahr provided the food, and he was the one who urged Daenerys to eat the locusts. That definitely points to Hizdahr as the culprit. Instead, Belwas ate the entire bowl, and instead of killing him it only made him sick.

    We also know that Hizdahr was extremely angry that Daenerys was having an affair with Daario. It’s also likely that he realized she was pregnant.

    What if the locusts weren’t intended to kill anyone? Suppose Hizdahr put an abortion drug in the locusts. He was hoping she would eat them, but if others did as well, it would at worst cause some mild symptoms. He couldn’t anticipate that Belwas would eat all of them and become seriously ill. It could also be that the abortion drug has an adverse effect on males that Hizdahr didn’t know about, because men normally didn’t use it.

    So the intent of the locusts was only to prevent Daenerys from bearing Daario’s child. If she hadn’t flown away on Drogo, he would have tried something else later.

    It happens that she apparently miscarried anyway, but that could have been due to the dragon ride and the other physical stresses she endured.

    • thatrabidpotato says:

      I find that very hard to believe- how on earth could Hizdahr know that Dany was pregnant, when she didn’t know herself? She hadn’t been pregnant nearly long enough to start showing, and I doubt Hizdahr was keeping himself up to date on Dany’s period schedule.

      For once, I think the explanation put forward openly in the books is the correct one- it simply makes too much sense. Hizdahr did it politically at the command of the Harpy, Galazza Galare.

      • Keith B says:

        I’m not an expert on pregnancy, but there are indications that observant people can see before a woman begins to show. Daenerys had a lot on her mind, so it’s quite possible that others noticed the pregnancy before she did. She seems to have had a miscarriage in her last chapter of ADWD, and even then she didn’t realize it.

        One fact that I haven’t seen anyone attempt to explain is why, if the locusts were poisoned, they didn’t kill Belwas. It was a large bowl and he ate them all. Granted he’s a huge man, but nobody could have expected Daenerys to eat more than a handful. If a handful would have been enough to kill a girl, an entire bowl should have killed even the largest man. But Belwas only became seriously ill. So why didn’t Belwas die? My theory, that they weren’t actually intended to kill, explains it. Does anyone else have an explanation that makes sense?

        • Grant says:

          A botched attempt at a poisoning? Just because you have a plan doesn’t mean that it’s a good plan or that you’re good at carrying it out. If it really wasn’t thought to be potentially lethal then I’d have told him to eat a few himself to throw suspicion off. Anyway for the moment I suspect attempted poisoning, though forced abortion doesn’t seem entirely impossible.

          As for the pregnancy, given Dany’s strong focus on that prophecy, she simply might not have been able to believe she was pregnant without very clear evidence. Hizdahr on the other hand wouldn’t have heard of it and probably would be looking at his future wife very carefully.

          • Space Oddity says:

            One possibility is that the intention wasn’t to kill Dany immediately, but to sicken her so that she could be secluded and then killed gradually with more poison. (Or a pillow to the face or the like, if the Harpy didn’t want to blow more money on poison.) Then sob, sob, cry, cry, and Hizdahr is king, and slavery is back, bitches.

            And that stated, the continued insistence of the Shavepate fingerers that we treat this like a Littlefinger-style masterplot is somewhat irritating to my mind. I see no indication that this isn’t the Harpy and the Harpy’s Sons showing the same arrogance they show as regards the Yunkish lords, who they persist in seeing as allies even as they’re preparing to send the mass corpseogram. (Because the idea that their neighbors are their own side, not their side, never occurs to these imbeciles.) And so watching people proclaiming that Hizdahr acting just like the murderer in the last act of a ‘Colombo’ episode is proof that he’s innocent…

            Well, wince-inducing.

        • thatrabidpotato says:

          I’m no expert on pregnancy either, we need one of our female compatriots to offer some sage advice here.

          But like I said, I’m aware that there’s other ways to tell even before she starts to show. But those, at least the ones I know of, wouldn’t have helped either. Hizdahr doesn’t know Dany’s missing her periods, he doesn’t have access to a kit to test her blood for hormones like progesterone. I really think that speculation here is both pointless and irrelevant, seeing as all the evidence we DO have points toward the Shavepate’s explanation.

          • Crystal says:

            I’ve never been pregnant, but I AM female, and know women who have had kids: Tender and enlarged breasts with darkened areolae are one early sign of pregnancy. Dany is petite and slender, so any breast changes would be noticeable right away, especially if she’s wearing light silk clothing. Fatigue and heightened sense of smell are two other early signs – if Dany is all of a sudden taking a lot of naps and not liking the smell of fish or onions or whatever stinky food is popular in Meereen, someone with sharp eyes and knowledge of pregnancy signs might put two and two together.

  3. Grant says:

    On Aerys being a cause of Northern separatism, there’s also interpretation of political events to consider. If it had just been that, they were alright with interpreting it as the North making a firm effort to remove the king who was the problem and put a better one on the throne. But after two kings do the same thing in less than twenty years?
    In contrast the Dornish peace was interpreted by a lot of people at the highest levels of power as surrendering to the enemy that had cost them so much.

  4. Will Rogers says:

    I’ve seen people bring up the Mountain’s opiate addiction when trying to argue that there are no truly evil/good people in ASOIAF. Usually coupled with Tywin being “a good Hand” and Ramsay having a bad childhood.

    Methinks that even if Gregor wasn’t downing morphine like it was his energy drink, he’d still be a hateful monster – dude turned his brother into Two Face over a toy.

    • Crystal says:

      True, even if Gregor wasn’t strung out on Westerosi OxyContin, he’d still be a psychopath. I wonder if there wasn’t some organic brain damage causing it – at birth or maybe a head injury in early childhood?

      • Grant says:

        From the little we know about his childhood it doesn’t sound like it was nurture. though I suppose it’s possible that his permissive father and sheer strength meant that he felt he could treat others however he pleased.
        Anyway it’s been noted that some disorders, when combined with substance abuse, are much more likely to result in violent behavior. Or it could be that Gregor has a rare(r) condition that makes him enjoy violence anyway. Or something else altogether. Whatever the case, Gregor is certainly intelligent enough to know what he does normally wouldn’t be accepted by anyone and that he can’t just kill as he pleases or he’ll be killed himself.

  5. Winnief says:

    Thanks for the links Steve.

    I agree that however much he disliked his old man Tywin wouldn’t bump him off-if for no other reason than to avoid becoming a kinslayer. And as you say he didn’t have to-he already effectively ruled at Casterly Rock.

    Liked your story about the Chevalier. Whatta guy!

    Definitely think Gregor’s just a straight up psycho.

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation!

    • Crystal says:

      Kinslaying is such a taboo that Roose Bolton – ROOSE BOLTON – won’t do it. Tywin is a ruthless, cold-blooded such-and-so, but I agree that’s one line he won’t cross. (Otherwise I’m sure he’d have bumped off Tyrion a long time ago.)

  6. Space Oddity says:

    Been meaning to mention this as regards William Marshall. Stephen didn’t just threaten to hang him, by most accounts. He threatened to send him to his father by trebuchet.

    So yes, Stephen of Blois can boast of inspiring both Aegon II, Ryman Frey, and Jaime’s AFFC plan in part.

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