Battle of Blackwater Extravaganza Continues: Bonus Podcast

Hey folks, work on the Battle of Blackwater Week Fortnight Extravaganza continues: Tyrion XIV is up to 3,300 words and I’ve just got Tyrion onto the bridge, and Sansa VII is also in the works ready for the finale. So at the very least, we’ll celebrate New Years’ with some wildfire fireworks!

In the meantime, enjoy this bonus podcast with me and Aziz from History of Westeros Podcast:


2 thoughts on “Battle of Blackwater Extravaganza Continues: Bonus Podcast

  1. Phillip says:

    Completely disagree that Stannis pre-blackwater would make a terrible King. On the contrary he’s exactly what KL needs to thoroughly flush out the toxicity and politics, and it’s people and the realm in general would be MUCH better for it.

    1. That Varys fears him so much speaks to how well Stannis would do. Varys is a scheming murderer maniac that wants to burn the world down so that he can build a better one. If Stannis wins Blackwater Varys is either killed or run out of town.

    2. Stannis winning Blackwater means the Lannisters regime is over, Joffrey and Cersei killed, and Tywin made a fugitive and eventually killed himself. All of that alone makes the realm better.

    3. Littlefinger? Dead after eventually being captured since Stannis would never suffer him.

    4. Davos is made Hand of the King and would be a great one.

    5. The small council? Completely stripped of scheming yes-men and filled with people who know how to do their job well.

    6. Robert Baratheon, Jon Arryn and Ned Stark’s deaths – avenged and made public to the realm who was behind it, as well as Cersei’s cuckholding.

    7. No more of people walking on egg in the Red Keep and around town for fear of being killed, no more of the gold cloaks being allowed to steal the money of the common folk or in general do as they please. And when people around the realm have a problem, their king will live by his word.

    8. Justice given to the Dornish for Ella Martel and her children’s death, which quenches their thirst for revenge and brings them happily into the fold as being part of the realm.

    9. With the Lannisters gone, Robb bends the knee and the Red Wedding is prevented. House Tully remains in tact. House Stark, though Sansa is probably dead due to Cersei, remains in tact since Robb heads back up North to re-take Winterfell. Arya is eventually returned to Winterfell due to Sandor or the BoW, and Ricken returns to Winterfell as well.

    10. Religious tolerance. Stannis doesn’t cowtell to any one religion nor cares what others follow. Though Mellisandra would have a place at court (so long as she remains useful) anyone else from any religion who is of use to Stannis would as well. Most of all he would not bend to the High Septon and arm the Faith since that is going to have disastrous consequences.

    11. And most of all he is the only one who would take the Night’s Watch’s seriously and would take on their war with the Others. The whole realm would hear about the upcoming invasion and be armed with dragonglass and fortify their defenses. And if the Citadel attempts to suppress anything they’ll be invaded and their libraries confiscated and the valuable knowledge of the last Long Night made known to all.

    12. The realm would be united under Stannis which destroys Illyrio’s plan for Aegon. And Dany could forget about having any success in Westeros even with her baby dragons. Behind a united realm Westeros would take on the both of them and/or the Others with a much greater chance of success than with any other King in the world.

    How on Earth would such a man make a bad King? He’s everything the realm needs: a man of law and order who won’t show favoritism, cares about the realm, would not allow corruption to take hold, and would do his duty till his last breath. An honorable JUST man. And no, Aerys Jr (Joffrey), oathbreaking mama’s boy (Robb), gullible stamper (Tommen), Maegor with Teats (Dany), and Varys’ puppet (Aegon) would NOT make a better King than Stannis.

    Kings Landing and the realm in general was terribly robbed when Tywin and the Tyrells showed up to win the Battle of Blackwater.

  2. […] I recently updated my recording setup and my audio quality has much improved since I did the Battle of Blackwater podcast, I’ve been thinking about doing some one-off podcasts of modest length on various topics, […]

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