Battle of Blackwater Fortnight Update


Hey folks! Just a quick update, now that we’ve hit the half-way point on the Battle of Blackwater. First things first, I hit a bit of a health snag on Friday that kind of ate up the entire day and will do the same on Monday and probably one other day next week. Which means that the schedule I optimistically set out at the beginning of the week is definitely going to slip.

Make no mistake, I’m still going to finish what I started. Tyrion XIII is up to 3,000 words, Sansa VI is partially written, and the quotes have been added in to Tyrion XIV and Sansa VII. Those are all going to get written, but somewhat slower than originally intended. Likewise, the bonus podcast and the live Season 2, Episode 9 rewatch are still going to happen, but the timing might be a bit thrown off.

In the meantime, please enjoy this blast from the past, the LG&M Podcast episode on “Blackwater”:


10 thoughts on “Battle of Blackwater Fortnight Update

  1. Keith B says:

    Sorry to hear you’re having health problems and hope you feel better. The chapter summaries were coming a bit too fast to absorb anyway, so take your time.

  2. winnief says:

    Its all good Steve. Take care of yourself and have an Merry Christmas.

  3. thatrabidpotato says:

    Seems to be a common issue; we’ve had to delay our trip to visit family because my mom’s feeling sick. Get better soon, Steven. You’ve already given us plenty to read.

  4. They will bend the knee says:

    Get well. We ASOIAF have been waiting for AFFC for five years we can wait a few more days for your delightful CbC analyses.

    Have a nice Christmas !

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